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Alternative Winter Celebrations.

I am not doing Christmas. Instead, I am doing my own celebration which I am calling Lesbian Vacation unless I think of something better to call it. I am not going on a vacation, though; I just wanted to call my celebration something other than a "holiday". Also -- I like the way Lesbian Vacation sounds: it is gloriously queer!

So far I have been celebrating Lesbian Vacation in a few ways that might become traditions. I have been wandering around my home singing "Lesbian Vacation. Lesbian Vacation. The vacation of the lesbians." doing my best impression of the way the singer, Sigrid, sings. I do not consider it to be necessary that there be an explanation for why I have been doing that. Other than singing that song, I have created my own celebratory decorations out of lesbian wedding cake toppers in black, red, and silver -- and I put up two lesbian flags in my window.

The original idea for Lesbian Vacation was to keep all the things that I like about that other Winter celebration, while removing all of the things that I do not like about it. So that explains the decorations, at least. I am OK with giving and receiving gifts as well. My celebration happens to be in Winter, but it is not specifically a celebration of Winter -- and neither is it a religious celebration; it is simply a celebration of me being a lesbian.

So who here at SAS is doing a celebration that is not Christmas, this Winter, be that a religious celebration or something not religious?
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I think of Xmas as a purely secular holiday deeply rooted in capitalism, which I suppose I'm mostly okay with. I love our bright tree, even though my parents still insist on putting "angels" on it -- but hey, angels are pretty cool mythological creatures, even if I don't believe they really exist; it's no different than decorating with flying reindeer, which also don't exist. And I love the feasting around this time, along with many of the seasonal favorites such as egg nog, hot chocolate and cookies.

I'd love to celebrate more of Saturnalia instead; I don't believe in the god Saturn either, and I don't drink, but stopping work, gift-giving, feasting, listening to music and general merrymaking -- including orgies -- sound like my kind of fun! ...or at least they would be if I weren't so damned introverted. I've always had fantasies of a casual one-night-stand on Xmas Eve, and even if they'll never come true I'll never stop enjoying them in my head. I kind of celebrate my own personal, introverted version of Saturnalia I suppose -- maximum hedonism, all by myself. Sounds depressing but it's actually pretty fun. And it all starts tomorrow, after I finish my last final...

And on that note, "Io, Saturnalia!"

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I kind of wish I could celebrate Lesbian Vacation also because I would like to wander around my apartment singing "Lesbian Vacation! Lesbian Vacation! The vacation of the lesbians!" That would really get my neighbors wondering, especially since I am usually so quiet. Alas, I am not a lesbian however and so can't celebrate it. Also I don't want to rip off your idea. The problem though is that I'm terrible at coming up with my own ideas. I'm not very creative, you see. I don't really like Christmas either (either the religious or the consumerist aspects of it) so would really like to come up with something else to celebrate. Something pagan, chill, yet reflective. Maybe some kind of winter solstice thing. I don't know, I'm going to have to give it some thought.

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No I like the idea of creating some random festival though.

By the way the lesbian song reminds me of queen of the lesbians (laundry version) on YouTube not sure if I can link it here because some of the words. I don't really know can search for it on youtube though. Don't think it's the original version but I never saw the original version.

Originally Posted by YouTube comment
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Horny Lesbian not villain
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Thank you for the replies. I enjoyed reading them.
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Yes I'd like to take a vacation from being human, I like your lesbian vacation song though 🙂
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I think this year, the last day of it will be WAY more of a reason to celebrate than usual so New Year will actually almost be an alternative celebration. There's not a damn thing to celebrate until this rotten year and everything about it is in the past.

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There's always a a Festivus for the rest of us.
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