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The question for the people with social anxiety

The question for the people with social anxiety
The question for the people with social anxiety: what kind of music listen outsiders/losers/people with social anxiety? What genre and what bands? And why?

I often wonder about this question, I want to find something personal or some songs about me, but most people listen to Linkin Park and Depeche Mode, Soad etc, to wit music for normal people.

Here I discovered band "Rorn" for myself. In what songs did you find yourselves and in what groups and genres?
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Music has been my longest coping mechanism so it's hard to break it down since it's been a lot of music. I did listen to Linkin Park a lot in the early 2000s, and SOAD, I also like a bunch of Depeche Mode songs so not going to link them in this post. This post only touches on some.

I close my eyes a better man
Or imagine that I can imagine such a thing
And it goes on and on and on and on like that
Project myself into the air, and float in a weightless night
It’s better than sitting heavy backed, and sending waves of anxious hate into the street, trying to shut down the stop lights

It isn't real, but it feels real
It isn't real, but it feels real

This whole album was my best random purchase in 2005 or so and hard to pick a single song from it tbh:

I discovered this from their first album a lot later but also great:

The end leads into the first track from their second album:

Grunge sort of works with my mental space a lot of the time because of the combination of anger and deadness:

This song fits pretty well:

alt metal (I like the hushed vocals heavy music combo of Deftones):

NiN of course have many relatable songs:

The lyrics to some Crywank songs (I also like the band name as it's something I've done before several times):

Love this band (this isn't my favourite track but linking anyway, they have a lot of good songs):

This is far from my favourite song by MCR but it's kind of the 2000s anthem of mental illness:

Alkaline Trio are great (yes both tracks I chose to link have some connection to fire lol):

Lots of pop-punk type stuff makes me happy:

Not even going to like... Steven Wilson has a huge back catalogue lol and I could fill three+ posts with songs by Porcupine Tree + Steven Wilson's solo work that I like so here's one with relateable lyrics:

A good impression of myself
Not much to conceal
I'm saying nothing
But I'm saying nothing with feel

I simply am not here
No way I...
Shut up, be happy
Stop whining please

I listened to Patrick Wolf a lot from 16-18:

darkwave <3

Dresden Dolls/Amanda Palmer:

I like Gothic rock and heavy basslines:

Tool/A Perfect Circle:

creepy hipster music (well creepy in general makes up about 75% of my aesthetic preferences):

alt rock:

misc metal tracks (doom metal guitar is pretty tasty):

post-metal I guess:

art rock/pop/baroque stuff (Patrick Wolf fits into this too but I also mentioned alt rock after linking to other alt rock stuff):

Some hip-hop/rap:

Obviously the best rapper is Sheo (no but the fact this even exists is amazing):

Lots of other stuff.

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