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Misheard Song Lyrics

What are your misheard song lyrics, and the links so we can hear them?
Some of mine are:

Wrong lyrics: “Daydreaming. We used to be half an iron”. (The last minute of the song)

Right lyrics: “Daydreaming. We used to be half alive”.

Wrong lyrics: “I’ve become, become stupid now”.

Right lyrics: “I’ve become comfortably numb”.

Wrong lyrics: “And she really don’t like it. F--- the cash bar”.

Right lyrics: “The shareef don’t like it. Rockin’ the Casbah. Rock the Casbah”.

Wrong lyrics: “Hello, hello, hello, hello. Beep, beep”.

Right lyrics: “L.O, L.O, L.O, L.O. V. E”.

Wrong lyrics: “A chuck of the anchovies in your mama’s cuppa”.

Right lyrics: “You and your museum of lovers”.

Wrong lyrics: “Time goes by. So silly”.

Right lyrics: “Time goes by so slowly”.

Wrong lyrics: “Come to me, my Swedish friend”.

Right lyrics: “Come to me, my sweetest friend”.

Wrong lyrics: “Just walking the bird”.

Right lyrics: “Just walked in the club”.

Wrong lyrics: “Waiting for chihuahua”.

Right lyrics: “When it comes to our love”.

Wrong lyrics: “Fun fun, fun. Keep the dirty trick or treaters away”.

Right lyrics: “Fun, fun, fun, ‘til her daddy takes the T Bird away”.

Wrong lyrics: “She drives like an ape man. She drives like an ape”.

Real lyrics: “You drive like an ace now. You drive like an ace”.

Wrong lyrics: “Despite all my rage, I am still just a red-headed pain”.

Right lyrics: “Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage”.

Wrong lyrics: “No one wants a beer to feed you”.

Right lyrics: “No one wants to be defeated”.

Wrong lyrics: “Dirty deeds and the dunder cheat”.

Real lyrics: “Dirty deeds, and they’re done dirt cheap”.

Wrong lyrics : “I can’t get another new baby”.

Right lyrics: “I can’t get enough of you, baby”.

Wrong lyrics: “She’s got both hands in a bucket”.

Right lyrics: “She’s got both hands in her pockets”.

Wrong lyrics: "I kiss the doctor if I lose".

Right lyrics: "I can't stop, don't care if I lose".

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At 1:18. Face that laughs every time they ****ing *****es.
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"hello hello hello beep beep"

wrong lyrics: I love your farts
correct lyrics: I loved you first

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hold me closer tony danza

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Wrong lyrics: Got a long list Starbuck's lovers

Right: Got a long list of ex-lovers.
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Wrong: I got my head shaved buying some O J
Right: I got my head checked by a jumbo jet

Wrong chorus:
When I feel nothing at all
And Im pissing on the door

Right chorus:
When I feel heavy-metal
And I'm pins and I'm needles

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old but i found it entertaining nonetheless

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Brings me back so many memories. ;_;
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