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Mind-reading game

Okay. Just play along with me on this. I'd like you to think of a number between 10 and 50. Each of the digits in the number have to be odd (not even), and each digit cannot be the same. Take a moment to think of a number, and when you got it, scroll down to see if I read your mind correctly.


Lemme know if I got it correct or not. After enough responses, I'll give the reason for why it works much more than it should.
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Re: Mind-reading game

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Re: Mind-reading game

Naw, I was thinking 35.
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Re: Mind-reading game

Yep 37 o_O
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Re: Mind-reading game

Yes, my first thought was 37. But I kinda knew that would be the number. I have something similar to this in an email somewhere. If I can dig it up I'll try to post it.
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Re: Mind-reading game

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Re: Mind-reading game

True, there aren't many choices to choose from - 8 numbers, specifically, but interestingly, about 50% of people will choose 37. I don't know why the brain works that way, but it just does.

I'm not a psychologist or anything, but if I was, I would have to say that those people that pick a number other than 37 are more free and independent thinkers. They like to go against the grain, and enjoy beating others at their own game. I think these type of people are more rebellious and can be outsiders, and be a bit cranky if pushed too far. For those people that pick 37, they just enjoy going with the flow, and not try to over-think things too much. I would also say that they're more easy to be manipulated and suggestable, and possibly like to be around people more. Just my 2 cents. But try it out on your family or friends and bug 'em out. If they get the number wrong, the worst that'll happen is that you just look dumb. ... fortunately my grandma picked 37 when I tried it on her.

I also chose 37 at first, but only because I wanted to just go with the flow, and didn't want to ruin the fun by analyzing it too much.

Originally Posted by glas
I remember I did one like this before, I think I had to repeat 6 out loud a bunch of times then think of a vegetable... carrot.
That's pretty interesting. I haven't heard that one before, but I'll try it out on some people. I wonder if it has anything to do with the subconscious mind thinking of six carrots, like in a diamond.
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Re: Mind-reading game

I said 15.
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Re: Mind-reading game

19. you lose

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Re: Mind-reading game

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Re: Mind-reading game

Almost... 35.

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Re: Mind-reading game


"In a world where I feel so small, I can't stop thinking big"
-Rush, "Caravan"
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Re: Mind-reading game


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Re: Mind-reading game

Okay. I think it's official. Most of SA members are free and independent thinkers, and that their brains operate a bit differently than the norm, lol

Come to think of it, I think I should have put this in 'Just for Fun' instead. 'Entertainment' is more for movies, music, TV shows, and books.
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Re: Mind-reading game

As I reading the OP I was thinking 11. After reading it further I knew that the number 11 was not valid. I wanted to stay fast and simple so I chose 13 in the end.

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Re: Mind-reading game

I guessed 35

Hyperbole is the best thing ever!!!
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