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I don't know if GD&TOP qualifies (probably more hip-hop?) but I love it.

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My only thought with K-pop music and culture in general is that it is just trying to model after the Western pop culture. To native Korean market I could see it being their stable. But to western markets, it's nothing but just what Western countries did with the pop scene back in the 90s and early 2000s. This is why when a few Korean artists try to tap into the Western markets, they failed. Because they are just something that was already long deemed obsolete and watered down to western markets, and they are singing with heavy Korean accents in their English language songs. BOA was a good example. When she tried tapping into the U.S market, most listeners just see her as another Britney Spears but with a korean accent. And by then the Britney Spears esque pop genre was so in the 90s.

Psy was an exception however and become a major hit in foreign countries because he was different. Gangnam Style kind of gave the flash mob mentality, which was a big thing in the Western countries at the time and this was the stereoptype western countries sees of foreign asian countries. Quirky, corny, cheesy flash mob esque shenanigans. And Psy's hit fits right into it. Back in the days, Macarena and Who Let The Dogs out were similar examples.
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