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Inspiring Movies To Watch When Feeling Depressed

Does anyone know any movie/documentary/series that will lift your spirits when you feel depressed? Or maybe will make you more grateful, live your life in more positive way, you know something like that. I recently watch a documentary 'The Human Experience' which I think is quite good. Thank you x
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Living on One Dollar:

"Four American friends travel to Guatemala to experience what itís like to live on one dollar a day and take viewers on a funny, inspiring, and heartwarming journey into the lives of the Guatemalan people and show how they live in rural destitution. A must see film for Westerners to open their minds and hearts on life in Central America."

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Watched this documentary not too long ago about this program where like carefully selected prisoners are given dogs to take care of that have been abused or neglected in the past. And it's like the dog and the prisoner grow and work towards a better life together and goddamn that ****'s so good. There was one line at the end from this older man who rescued the dogs off the streets that was like, "If heaven doesn't have dogs then that's not a place for me". He said it better but I was like bawling at this point. It's called Dogs on the Inside

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This scene usually helps to lift my mood

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I concur with 50/50.
Up is pretty feel-goods.
Shawshank Redemption is very cool to watch when down.
Green Mile works.
Stand By Me. (Non-horror Stephen King just works for feeling good.)
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

NY Tropfest 2013 Finalist. Didn't win, but it's my favorite short film of that year's festival.

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