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Eddie Van Halen, 65, guitarist/founder of "Van Halen"

Eddie Van Halen -- the legendary guitarist and co-founder of Van Halen -- has died after a long battle with throat cancer ... TMZ has learned.

Sources directly connected to the rock star tell us ... he died at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica Tuesday. His wife, Janie, was by his side, along with his son, Wolfgang, and Alex, Eddie's brother and drummer.

We're told in the last 72 hours Eddie's ongoing health battle went massively downhill -- doctors discovered his throat cancer had moved to his brain as well as other organs.

As you know, Eddie has been battling cancer for well over a decade. Our sources say he's been in and out of the hospital over the past year -- including last November for intestinal issues -- and recently underwent a round of chemo.

Last year we reported ... Eddie was flying between the US and Germany for 5 years to get radiation treatment. Though he was a heavy smoker for years, he believes he developed throat cancer from a metal guitar pick he used to frequently hold in his mouth more than 20 years ago.

Nevertheless, he continued to attend concerts and rehearse music with his son, Wolfgang, who -- if ya don't know -- became Van Halen's bassist in 2006.

Of course, Eddie himself was considered one of the best and most influential guitarists of all time ... who first made a name for himself with his solo on Van Halen's "Eruption."

Eddie formed the classic rock group in Pasadena in 1972 with his brother, Alex, on drums, Michael Anthony on bass and David Lee Roth singing. Eddie served as the main songwriter on their self-titled debut album in 1978 ... which launched the group into rock superstardom in the '80s.

They went on to pump out hit after hit, including "Runnin' with the Devil," "Unchained," "Hot for Teacher," "Panama" and "Jump" ... and continued their success with Sammy Hagar on lead vocals after the departure of Roth in 1985.

While the band had already achieved hard rock superstardom, Eddie became a pop culture icon with the 1983 release of Michael Jackson's "Beat It" ... which featured Eddie's iconic guitar solo.

Though some members of Van Halen have changed, Eddie and Alex were the constants in the band ... with Eddie's acclaimed guitar work being the focal point of their legacy.

Van Halen was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2007, and Eddie is widely considered one the greatest guitar players of all time.

He is survived by his wife Janie and his son.

Eddie was 65.


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Seriously one of the greatest. RIP Eddie

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Yeah, I was sad to hear that. Had some good songs and he was a great guitarist.

Gene Simmons said he was "a gentle soul." RIP
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Tapping master. RIP.
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Eddie was a fantastic guitarist. Obviously everyone knows he had incredible playing skill, but what made him stand out was the TONE that he got out his guitar. The VAN HALEN sound was all his, and there are very few guitarists that you can hear and immediately know who is playing. Eddie was one of them, and that is all due to his tone.

immediately coming to my mind is, of course, "Eruption". Also "Cathedral", the drill in "Poundcake", "Beat it". I remember when Van Halen 3 came out, the song "without you". I really couldn't recognize the song/group from any of the others on the radio at the time...then the guitar kicks in and just from the tone you know it's Eddie, and you know it's Van Halen.

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Jack White played SNL last night and as a tribute to Eddie Van Halen he performed one of his songs with a guitar Eddie had designed for him saying "I wont even insult the man’s talent by trying to play one of his songs tonight"

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rest in peace, for sure.

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It's an interview I saw a few months ago. Really talks about his early days, in his homeland, family life and all. Great life story of Eddie. He also gets to show the audience a few guitar tricks, real quick, but he is being so humble and genuine there, it's refreshing to see something like that!

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