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Boy meets girl movies, relationship movies, etc

I love movies with hot girls I can "fall in love with", in real life I would have a crush on them in no time. So I have a bunch of movies like that, and I'm watching them a lot again since I have a crush on the beautiful girl I live with, she knows, but it's not going to happen. But at least she's playing little games, I suppose just to return the attention and make me feel better and more normal.

So just start recommending some please, I like watching them when she and I are in our rooms right next to each with just the wall in between.

I hope she can over hear some of it, but I have no idea how loud it has to be for that, and how muffled it would be. So sadly it's just in my imagination mostly.......
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500 days of summer

one day
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Single White Female..

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Originally Posted by Daveyboy View Post
Single White Female..

I would recommend:

Fever Pitch
Almost Famous
Boys and Girls (with Fredding prinze jr)
Simply Irrisistible
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When I was 10ish I fell in love with all the girls from Tenchi Muyo series anime...

I rewatched it last year and refelt those feels and cried fa tears

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Silver Linings Playbook
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last chance harvey

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Garden State
Almost Famous
Jurassic Park

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