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Best Metal band mascot?

It seems there is a number of them around. I guess the most famous ones are Eddie the head (Iron Maiden) and Vic Rattlehead (Megadeth).



Some person i know from SAS has recently completed a new mascot for a band, which looked cool, so i thought i could ask in this thread if you know of any other interesting mascots for this kind of musical band.
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Helloween's Jack-o'-lantern

And The Guy, from Disturbed.

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In Flames' Jester Head is pretty cool.

Soilwork have the Soilworker.

Kalmah's Swamplord.

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Iced Earth's Set Abominae.

Ear byth egle eorla gehwylcun
Dhonne faestlice flaesc onginneth

Hraw colian hrusan ceosan
blac to gebeddan bleda gedreosath
Wynna gewitath wera geswicath
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Vic Rattlehead was the first that came to mind when I saw the thread title.
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Aye, Disturbed one.
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I really want a Vic Rattlehead tattoo lol.

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I really like Vic, but Eddies' the best.

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