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Originally Posted by Daveyboy View Post
I actually used this quote from another thread..
Just wanted you to know I liked this advice. I made my first thread a couple of days ago "wierd sleeping arrangements" (its about going to sleep habits...kinda lame but it was my first)
Anyway.I wanted to interact but was afraid someone would thing I was bumping my own thread..So I like what you wrote and will do in the future..
Thanks Ms. Offline

Originally Posted by galaxy1 View Post
i've done that (started a thread and not posted further comments) the way I see it is sometimes people just want to listen to others. like asking a question and getting opinions from others. theres not always really a lot a person can contribute again in some scenarios. plus I really don't like to feel that i'm in any way dominating the thread. I think it often works better if I post less since its easy for me to forget its not just a personal conversation i'm having and get carried away.I need to remember that its a thread for everyone to contribute to.
Oh yeah, of course. I see your point. It's a balance act and a personal choice. That comment I made to Enfield was mainly directed at him. I tend to post too much in my own threads, but that's because I don't want anyone to feel left out if I've replied several others already. I should probably cut back, myself.

Originally Posted by cypher View Post
It helps for the OP to contribute to their own threads so that others know that they're still reading the comments (as opposed to abandoning ship). It starts to feel weird when there's pages of comments but nothing from the OP.
Yeah, I think so, too. Especially if the OP is personal and asking for advice and such. In those cases I think it's almost rude not to acknowledge that people took the time to try and help out.

It definitely depends on the content of the threads.

that's what she said
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