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Newspapers & magazines you used to read (or still do)?

When I was a kid, I think I liked Field & Stream and National Geographic Magazine. I actually bought a whole bunch of National Geographics from the library one time really cheap when they were offloading a bunch of stuff. Unfortunately, I kind of bought them hoping we'd move into a bigger place and we went smaller instead so I ended up donating them to Goodwill or something.

In my 20s, it was Sky & Telescope and I think there was one called Astronomy (creative name, huh?).

Was never big on newspapers. Though I probably would have been if I didn't have attention span problems.

EDIT - You can (and should) post memorable articles or news stories

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I remember one magazine from when I was a kid that had a few pages of some sci fi comic serial in every issue. I think it was British. I don't remember what it was called. My dad collected National Geographic for years and I used to read articles from it from time to time. Idk if comic books count, but my older brother and I collected those.

As far as magazines I bought for myself, I never really had a lot of money for that kind of thing, but my parents did get me a subscription to Dragon magazine for a while, the geekzine for Dungeons & Dragons. When I was older, I picked up a few issues of Heavy Metal and fell in love with all things weirdly erotic. Especially Druuna. When I was working I sometimes bought PC Gamer and Rolling Stone.

I used to read my gf's Cosmopolitan when she wasn't around.

It must be weird growing up in a post-magazine, post-newspaper age. To think that everyone used to have to make do with a glossy, hardcopy Internet.

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It was mostly the occasional computer hobby related magazine for me. And some of the sci-fi/film pulp picture magazines. Then for a year or two in my 20's I'd followed tennis magazine, although I sucked at tennis. These, days, no real need anymore as much is available for free on the web. So it's more like certain blogs like zerohedge, topic forums, or one's choice of political leaning blogs.

I don't remember how but I get the occasional "Westways" vacation travel magazine, with articles on restaurants or focus on certain touristy cities and locals. Sometimes fun to read those & dream pretending like I was some successful normie going to these places with a pretty gf or spouse, lol.
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There was a time when I had a subscription to "Nintendo Power". video game magazines were incredibly popular among my friends from about 1989 to 1996. then we grew up. but even then, I was interested in them until they started dying around 2003-2005.

I would also read Autosport, an auto racing magazine; World Soccer, and Guitar World, and WWE magazines, including the new RAW magazines. I have some of them autographed by the wrestlers.

There was also MAXIM, and the big wave of men's magazines (that fit a more high school/college demographic than GQ), like STUFF for men, FHM, etc. that was around 1998. We used to collect those every month.

The last other significant magazine I remember talking about with my friends and collecting was a particular issue of Playboy that featured Sable on the cover. Sable was a popular WWE personality. On the day it came out, many of us highschoolers went to the convenience stores to buy it. I had the responsibility to buy many of them because I was 18 at the time, while my friends were 17 or so.

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sassy. lol
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My dad had a subscription to 3 newspapers when I was growing up. LA Times, NY Times, and the local rag. I read all three. Not in their entirety of course, just the articles that interested me and the comics section. The Sunday edition was always the best because it had sections that weren't there everyday and the comics were in color. I liked the NY Times the best because they have long, interesting articles. I don't like short articles. I still read the NY Times online. Now not quite so much but at my last job, I had plenty of free time, so I read the NY Times about an hour or two everyday while "working."

I didn't read magazines quite so much. Occasionally I'd read the National Geographic, Scientific American, Discover, the New Yorker, Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, and Mother Jones.
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I think I used to have subscriptions to Popular Science and Popular Mechanics but it's been so long I don't remember if I actually read them or not. Scientific American does sound familiar but I can't remember if I ever read it. Sounds like it would be something I'd like though.

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