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New guy keeps letting me down

I matched with a guy on Tinder, we live very close to one another, we're practically neighbours. After we matched we messaged constantly for about a week, after which he took my number and deleted his Tinder, this was a month ago.
We have been Whatsapping continuously throughout the last 3 weeks and seem to get on quite well, we have lots in common and he seems very laid back and genuinely nice but I haven't met him in person so cant judge too much.

The problem is, anytime we have planned to meet up, it never goes ahead and he lets me down.
The first time it happened we planned to meet on a Saturday, instead of meeting me he went out with his friends instead. He didnt let me know this, ignored me the day we were meant to meet and for a further two days, after which he told me he had been out with the lads and only just recovered.

The second time we were supposed to meet he cancelled because the weather was really bad - in fairness to him the weather was bad and we're still in semi lockdown here so there wasnt many places to go hide out of the rain.

Third time was this weekend. He said he was really excited to go on a date with me and was really looking forward to it. He said he would book a table for us somewhere and really made it sound like he was taking me out on a proper date. Friday night came and I guessed he hadn't booked anywhere as he went out drinking with his friend - I said to him, we'll never get a table booked for a saturday night at this stage so why not leave it till a quieter night when we'll get in somewhere. -Because of lockdown all bars and pubs require booking to control numbers. He said that was fine and we made arrangements to go for lunch and a drink today, I booked a table in a local pub. He said he was looking forward to it.

Again, the same situation happened as before, he went out drinking on Saturday night and I hear nothing from him today, not even a text to say he cant make it so I had to cancel the booking at the last minute.

Im feeling really disappointed and wondering should I call it quits with him or give him another chance?
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You haven't even met the guy yet and he's blown you off 3 times? Um next, he's so not worth your time. You are a front burner not a back burner

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Yeah that sounds like a red flag, defo not worth your time!x

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Those are lots of red flags. Stop talking to him on WhatsApp. He will let you down again and again.

Get back on Tinder and find someone else
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3 strikes your out
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Echoing everyone else here. Move on from the inconsiderate schmuck.
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Sounds like he might be "The one".

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Either he doesn't care about you or he has a drink problem. Either way, he's not worth 5 paragraphs of agonizing over.

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Definitely all it quits
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I don't know what the heck a tinder is but I get the gist of it and flag!
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Definitely not worth your time and energy. On to the next one
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