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The days of adults being laughed at for "living with their parents" is slowly coming to an end from a SOCIETAL standpoint. It's becoming pretty common for my generation (Late Millennial) to still be living at home due to debt, a sh*tty job market, low income, and high rent unless you live in the middle of nowhere.

I've had my days of living alone but am currently back with my parents. The "pandemic" is only worsening things. Likewise for not having a car.
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Live and work from home, yeah. I could rent an apartment and have in the past, but in my eyes that's potentially even less private and makes me feel even less in control of my own living space.
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Originally Posted by Mtl23 View Post
Was basicly wondering if someone feels somewhat like me or that im just a failure at life . Got no job so im dependend on my mother. My father passed away when i was 23. Ill be turning 31 soon and the feeling of failure,pressure,being a dissapointment is creeping up on me.
Your 31 still have a lot of time to improve and turn things around. Its not to late.

First thing you need is a job so you are financially free to live your own life and not dependent on anyone else. You cant move out or reach any of your other goals really until you have the money to do so. Start applying and you will eventually find some work. Most likely wont be a great job but it will be a start. Since your living at home it and dont have many bills it should not take you long to save money to move out.

So things can get better if you put in some effort. A year from now you could have a job and be on your own. Get that job and save money to move out. That should be the goal you work as hard as you can to accomplish starting today
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I'm living at home right now and I hate it. My relationship with my parents aren't great and sometimes it just gets too much for me.

I haven't been living home a lot during my adult life. I moved out when I was 17, but did come home to live for the summer holidays and one time for a year or so. Now it's been over a year and I'm 38 now.

I moved back home because I finished my bachelor's degree and was living in student housing and didn't have a job. I didn't think that it was going to be this long. I also don't like the place I'm living and I partly grew up here, but haven't got any friends or anything here. So it's getting to me.

Some people find it weird and some people who don't know me seems to think that I have a problem living on my own. Probably because I'm shy and quiet and don't really seem like an independent person if you don't know me. It's generally not common to live with parents when you're an adult here in Norway, but with the prices for housing and the current job market maybe more people need to do a pit stop at home before finding something.

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Originally Posted by Tuan Jie View Post
The fipside of meritocracy is that the situation you're in, is implicitly attributed to your own actions. This is the message we get, day in, day out. Life just happens to be not so simple. No so fair, in fact. Most folks acknowledge a person without limbs can't measure up to these expectations, but when it's invisible, it seems to farfetched, to abstract. I bet it's even worse in your own mind. But does this mean you are a lesser human being? Really? Ultimately, you get to be the judge of that. What is the yardstick you use and why? Who picks the yasdstick? Based on which values?

There are times I feel like a total failure too. I only live on my own because my government supports me. I am grateful for that, but it's embarrassing at the same time. If I lived in your country, I would most likely be in your shoes right now. That makes us equals, doesn't it? Imagine we had grown up in a total different environment. One which would not have allowed us to hide away, which would have forced us to be part of the community. I often wonder who I would have become than. Try not to be so hard on yourself my friend. Yu didn't ask for this. We all have to play with the cards we are dealt.
I found your post helpful and should be pinned to the top of the thread.

Fall seven times, get up eight.
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Glad it was of help to you!

((( connect or perish )))
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still trying to get out. still want a better job. I only rarely get interviews. I just want a real chance at making a real transition. I'm sick of the same situations in my life.

"With great power, comes great responsibility"
Stan Lee, 1962
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