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Originally Posted by Mar87 View Post
Im 31 going on 32 next month and have been thinking if it's even possible for someone like me to make new friends. Im fortunate to have the small group of friends I've had since high school but it'd be nice to possibly make some new ones. But having SA definitely doesn't make it easy. And I guess I would kind of feel awkward even trying to.
oddly ive had really really weird people try to latch on to me even tough I don't even talk back
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I don't know, I have always found it hard. Not sure if its any harder now that I am post 30. But I think at any age you get involved with things and people in proximity to you while doing the things are good candidates. You have to be willing to suggest doing something outside of the thing you are currently doing.

I have found it presents some challenges when you have no kids and your friends or potential friends do, but we still manage to get together probably the same rare amount of time.

It is a bit of a balancing act if you have a partner, like on the one hand more opportunities to meet people, but on the other, does your friend have to also like your partner? I always find it awkward in the planning stages, and if they also have a partner whether to invite potential friend's partner for a couples thing, or try for a one on one.
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Haven't been able to do it. It's really hard (and boring) to connect with people most of the time.

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I don't know, i guess you need to do stuff that lets you meet people. Or have friends that have friends, and they organize things and invite you. Or through hobbies etc.

I haven't had a friend in years and years in real life so idk what i'm talking about.

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Best way is make new friends through your existing friends. Without that, it is to do so through hobbies or join meetup groups. Or anything that gets you into an atmosphere where people are open to socializing with strangers. Then go from there.

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How to make friends in your 30s?

Once you get to your 30s in life, it comes down to joining a group like toast masters, right now virtually going on a meetup site, joining things you're interested in and finding like minded people. Meeting people on SM, Volunteering etc and letting conversation come naturally. In your 30s you have the opportunity to meet people who are hopefully mature, have their priorities and heads on straight, you can have meaningful and fun conversations with.

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well, keep surviving. In this covid era, doing online meetings is actually an advantage.

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