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Holiday Anxiety

so i know this going to sound ridiculous but my parents are going away and this is the frst year im not going althugh being 21. for many years now ive dreaded summer because ive not wanted to go and each year ive been "convinced" more like minipulated by my parents into going by them saying oh we cant leave you and we wont get to go if you dont come. except this year they have been fine about it ezpecially seen a my dad booked behind my back my plane ticket but said you dont have to go i was jsut getting a good deal and your were asleep! (eye roll)!! every year its been a battle when it comes to holidays especially seen as my brother was aloud to stay home from the age of 17! so this year it seems too easy. so now im dreading the arguemement thats to come! the other issue is the holiday is 6 weeks which is the main reason i dont want to go! the only thing is i am very close to my mam and the thughts of not seeing her for that long kills me!!!! as a result i havent been sleeping and i feel sick with anxiety and dread every minute of the day! i have also started getting mini panic attacks when i start to over anlyze it! im so lost, i dont have any friends really which is so depressing so apart from my dog im essentially going to be alone but i just cant bring myself to go away for that length expecially with my dad who i dont get on wth to the point of explosive rows! if anyone has any advice that would be amazing!! thanks!
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