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Plenty of guys got their ears pierced thirty years ago. A fifty year old guy who suddenly gets it done seems a little odd but no big deal.

I've never done it and never been interested. Don't need any extra holes in my head.
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Originally Posted by Bracks View Post
Its a 1980s look to me. But whatever.
This is a good thing. I like things that look 1980s.

Anyway, I did have mine done ages ago but I haven't worn one since the 90s. I think the hole is still there though. It's not obvious unless you look close.

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Not an issue. Be urself.
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This is 2020. Almost 2021. We really can wear damn anything regardless of older age nor gender etc...

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Totally agree. If want to do it, I recommend it.
Im now married in my mid 50s & have a silver hoop in each ear. I had earring in my left ear 30 years when I was in my 20s. I always loved having it, but took it out when I started my job & the hole closed up Fast forward to a few years ago, my teenage son wanted to pierce his left ear, it planted the bug in me to get an earring again. I told him he could get it after his school got out. Meantime my best friend out of the blue pierced both ears. It looked really cool & then my sons friend pierced both his. So when did in June, we both ended up piercing both ears, it was a Great bond. I took it them about a two years ago when I switched jobs while my son kept his in. Now that working from home full time in this pandemic, I decided to once again pierce them. There now in to stay. I soon realized I much I loved wearing them
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No issues at all

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I can't see anything wrong with having the look that pleases me. I reckon back in the day my mum told me that it was okay for boys to have earrings on one side but not on the other, since the other was some sort of secret message that you were not straight. I don't recall which side was which though!

Never mind, just be who you want to be. I could probably get earrings in both ears myself, if I just wasn't so damn afraid of needles.
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I might as well do it this year. I've never done it before. I need a new look. I can't wear it when I'm at work, though. dress code. But for non-work social events, I'd consider it now.

I will have to wait until the coronavirus is managed properly. Maybe later in the summer.

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I believe society as a whole is more open-minded than in the past. By that, I mean that less common things are more accepted.

I think it depends on the look it gives you. I don't see an issue, as we should be like we feel we are, not like we should be to please others.
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I totally agree.

Three years ago, my teenager son & I pierced both our ears. I took them out a few months later when I got a new job with a very corporate company.
Two years later, the pandemic+ forced our department to work @ home. My department atmosphere became very casual. everyone from re-pierced both ears a few weeks after I started working from home.
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