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50 year old guy with earrings

I am a 50 year old straight male, married with a teenage son. I also wear earrings, one in each ear. Is this a big deal? Or a non issue?

I pierced my left ear back in the 80's but recently figured it was more trendy to have both ears pierced, so I took the plunge and pierced my right ear and wear earrings in both ears.

I'm just interested in knowing peoples thoughts regarding a guy my age sporting earrings. I just wear small discreet studs and have gotten compliments at work about them. I was told I look "cool".

Like someone else posted on here a few years ago I feel like when I'm in public that everyone is looking at me and judging me for wearing earrings. Deep down I don't think that's true and that most people don't notice me wearing them, but I do get anxious in public sometimes.
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I don't think it's a problem, some people might think it's interesting/intriguing perhaps, but majority won't care or only notice for a moment and then move on. I'd think people would judge you more (if they did) from what clothes you wear, rather than accessories to be honest.

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If you like them, wear them, who care's what other people think? Personally I think earrings can look really nice on the right guy. When I was in my late teens, at one point I wore 8 earrings, 4 going up each ear, as well as a tongue piercing and a nose stud.

Nowadays I just wear one small diamond hoop in each ear. I have only ever gotten complements about mine. If people don't like them, well that is their problem. I couldn't care less.

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It doesn't bother me how people want to express themselves. Some styles don't make sense to me though like when a gangster wears his pants halfway down his boxers. Seems like it would be a problem if you're trying to run from the cops.

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Two earlobe piercings seems pretty conservative. At on point I had five facial piercings. People would go out of their way to express their distaste to me all the time.

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Honestly? I would think gay or midlife crisis.
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Originally Posted by JohnDoe26 View Post
Honestly? I would think gay or midlife crisis.
- Same for me.

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"Never try to appear to be more than you are but always try to be more than you appear."
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For people your age and under, I think it would be a non-issue. The sixty-five and up crowd might look askance on it, though.
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I don't think anyone would judge you for that(unless they have a problem with piercings in general).

that's what she said
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Nobody's going to care. For an older guy people just assume he's a musician or something.
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Well some people will form assumptions or make judgements presumably, since some people will form judgements about literally anything, but the question is should you care about those that do? (and should you modify your behaviour on their behalves?) They would be kinda self selecting themselves into the category of people who's opinion you shouldn't really care about imo.

Anyone who decides its their business to make a 'decision' about you, based on the fact you are wearing earrings should be more or less a total irrelevance. I understand this isn't quite how us SA folks tend to automatically think (myself included), but I figured it may be worth pointing out anyway.

This aside, from my perspective, I am pretty sure I wouldn't even notice you had earrings, and if I did, I would probably think 'oh earrings in some ears' then go back to worrying about whatever it was I was worrying about previously. Honestly, the majority of people tend to be focused on themselves anyway, so likely won't even notice.
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I saw a guy at a concert a few weeks ago that had to be nearly 70, with blue hair. Not "old person" blue, but bright neon blue. I also knew a guy some years ago in his mid-50s who wore a single earring. Personally, I always find that interesting - older people doing body modifications, whether conservative or extreme, that society seems to think are reserved for younger people. Maybe it's because I'm 50 myself, but I think it expresses a certain degree of self-actualization.
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An earring on each ear never hit it off w/ me. It would feel feminine to me, no offense. For a short while I wore a clip-on earring on my left ear, but that got old fast. I also don't feel comfy wearing a watch or anything around my neck. My old neighbor (male) is the same way about the watch/neck thing.

Anyhow do what you like. No one has the time to look at you weird. Besides it's a very in thing done by many "cool" guys/celebs.

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I don't think it's a big deal, at all. But I seem to be more open minded about some things than a lot of people I tend to run into. No...actually....I'm a lot more open-minded. And that's not patting myself on the back for being that way or anything, that's just my way of avoiding calling the people who have a problem with it close-minded and judgmental as ***. Meh. They know who they are. The people I run into like that seem to get a false sense of self esteem out of passing judgment and trying to put other people down though.

So in my mind if you really think about it it's their problem lol.

I was the first one of my guy friends to get my left ear pierced. I was 15 and I thought my parents (dad esp) was just gonna kill me. The girl friends I had (friends that were girls) thought it was cool. I don't have a problem with anyone that has both pierced. Ffs, do you. It's sort of a creative form of self-expression imo. If I even notice any guys that have both done, I'm sure I don't even give it a second thought.
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I see older men with earrings and tattoos and stuff like that and I just assume that they are "free spirits" or whatnot. I don't assume that they are gay. My understanding was that there was less and less of a taboo on body modification even in middle age.
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Wear what you want, if you wore earrings since you were young then don't stop just because you're getting older, people don't have to let go of a style just because they are getting older. Everyone should wear what they want, the only reason "fashion rules" exist is because many people are afraid to dress how they want to dress, so they dress what "society" tells them to. earrings are for all ages, be free don't let some annoying magazine or article tell you how to dress.
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People would look because it's different; you don't see many 50+ year old men sporting single studs in both ears anymore. But their thoughts about it, if they had any at all, would be fleeting. Just like if you had a mole on your face; they'd look then forget about it.

It's not exactly avant-garde or even trendy, though. Well, maybe it would have been back in the 90s. But now it's just not a thing any more, which is why a lot of older dudes probably gave up the look.

The thing is, if you like having them pierced, rock the look and make no apologies for it.
If anyone has a problem with it, tell them to go fcuk themselves.
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I saw Morgan Freeman wearing earrings on CNN the other day. I think it's alright.
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Thanks for all the responses.
I have no intention of getting rid of my earrings. I like them and I think they look good on me and enhance my appearance. I don't care what other's think either. If other people have an issue with me wearing earrings, that it THEIR issue, not mine.

It is a little different and that is fine with me. I don't mind being a little "different". (Different, not weird)

I am not gay and I don't think the earrings look feminine on me at all. I'm not offended if people think that it looks feminine, it's only their opinion which I just don't happen to agree with. I think earrings can be quite masculine under certain circumstances. I don't think people think that I'm gay either. I'm married with a teenage son. Again, if they think that then that's their opinion.

But the comments on here seem to mirror what I am experiencing. It's been 6 months with wearing earrings in both ears, and I've found no one really cares or even notices them.

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not a thing

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