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You make your own college experience

That's what I was told at the college orientation less than a month ago. They told us how like life, college is really what you make it. The scary thing is, they're right. School hasn't even start now, but this advice has already been applied to my life.

I was accepted into their "prestigious" honor program, but due to the mix up of test scores, I had to take an entry level writing placement test. Whether I fail or pass the test determines whether I can stay in honors or not. Being in honors meant different classes you have to take and different housing.

I, of course, went a failed it. I'm "kicked" off of honors. I need to take another english placement test to figure out which writing class I can take or even worse, what "basic" english class I have to take before I can take a writing class.

I can't choose a lot of classes because they're all full, restricted, or not available for me to choose due to the writing pre-reqs. My housing is also going to change because I chose to do honors housing.

Right now, I don't know what class I can take- I don't know where I'm gonna live on campus. I'm moving to a whole new place by myself. I only know one girl (not even that close to her) that's going there. My step-dad makes too much money for me to receive any financial aid, and he refuses to pay for my college education. My mom doesn't work. The college I'm going to is not even the college I want to go to. My parents committed to the school while I was asleep without my permission.

I'm stressed out. I'm paying 30k a year for a college I don't even want to go. A college where I don't know anybody. A college where I don't know my classes and housing. I cried for an hour today at most. But, I think things are looking up.

Life is not perfect. Sometimes, we get the really short end of the stick. And sometimes, people just love screwing us over. But I think the most important thing to do is to not give up and to make the best out of every situation. And that itself, reminds me of college and that advice.

Make college what you want it to be like. Put yourself out there. Make mistakes. Make friends. Even if you're stuck in a bad situation like I am, make the best of it. We all need some adversity in our life. I mean, it'll make a good story one day. It'll probably come handy in case you ever need to write about the adversity you faced before.

What doesn't kill you make you stronger, right? So good luck to all the higs school students, future college students, current college students, graduate students, and people who aren't in school. Good luck to everyone ^-^

Let's all support each other in this game of life~

p.s. I might not make sense. I had too much chocolate C:

Even the ugly duckling can become a beautiful swan <3
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College was was awful. Glad it's over, worst years of my life, would never want to go back.

Hope it works out for you. Most people like it, I couldn't do it, most seem to for whatever ****ing reason. I guess it's about fitting in. I love chocolate though, it's great! What kind was it?
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Very true. I do so love learning, but I don't always love being taught...if that makes sense. I moped a lot during my sophomore year but I'm much more optomistic now (probably because I'm a senior). Time goes...we might as well be working towards our own dream instead of someone else's!
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That's really really impressing thank you and good luck

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I recently transferred to university in the US. It's been a nightmare. I always had friends back home and so I knew I was shy but only found out to what extent after I came here. A new country, with a new culture, new people, and a transfer into the junior year where everyone knows each other and I'm an outsider (in college and in the country). Been 1 year and I only have a few acquaintances and like 1 good friend who won't be here for the net 6 months. I have a year and a half to go and right now, things aren't looking great! I'm glad you have such a positive outlook to life. Don't let it bring you down!
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