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What was your Social status in High school

I was seen as bit of an Inbetweener , not popular not incredibly unpopular either
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i was bullied alot at highschool.....i was unfortunate to be in the "A" class at school....i wasnt able for the class, i wasnt bright....my status at school really would have been that i was looked down upon and treated like a loser.....it was mostly mental bullying but i also had the misfortune of some other kids awnting to make a name for themselves and thus i was assaulted a fair few times but by the same token i rarely lost a fight
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Under the radar.

I had a small friendship group, which introduced me to some other groups of people which were people I knew of than friends. I got on with everyone fairly well, so I at least didn't get bullied too much.

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I wasn't quite at the bottom of the barrel, but I was close.

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Obscured and unknown for the most part. In terms of social status or niche type, I never really belong or qualified to any social stereotypes (nerds, jocks, rockers, goths, skateboarders etc).

I had a small social niche. A niche where most of them are also unknown to most people outside of said niche. I was acquainted at best to a few of the popular students, but never really know them on a personal level. But I honestly never really cared much about knowing the popular kids or not. To me, they're just people regardless. All of the popular status doesn't really mean much once the high school years are over. Socially, I felt fulfilled with what I had. It was enough to give me some of the teenager, high schooler experience. It was mostly the years after college when things socially all went downhill for me. Along with sabotaging what very little I had by then.

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I suppose I was mostly a loner and a nerd, although with pretty good grades. I drifted around a few different social groups without committing to any of them -- mostly the Church Kids, whom my parents encouraged me to join but I personally disliked, and the Outcasts, whom my parents would have strongly disapproved of but I rather liked.

One of the few times I ever 'hung out' with anybody in high school was the time I went with the Outcasts to the apartment of one guy who lived there alone; even though he was a minor, his parents lived and worked overseas. He made out with his girlfriend on his bed while the rest of us watched Animal House -- a movie my parents would have very strongly disapproved of. One guy I was almost friends with started making out with another guy's sister, and I just felt awkward being there so I left... I still regret not getting to know them more, maybe getting more involved. But I believe I wasn't capable of it at the time. I never let myself get too close to anyone; I was constantly on guard after being the primary target of bullying in my middle school.

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I was an infamous weirdo. Everyone knew who I was (my drama teacher dressed up as me for Halloween one year) and almost everyone disliked me. I was definitely an outsider.

At the time I might have been considered "Goth", because I generally wore all black, but Goth was barely a thing back then and there was no "Goth group" at our school. I would have had to explain to people what Goth meant. I was bullied quite a bit for being a "f**" (though nobody was out back then) mostly because I had extremely long hair and am kind of effeminate.

I was on the artsy side of things and in the drama club. I didn't get particularly good grades and was never a nerd and eventually dropped out (though I completed hs later at a different school). I did have friends; a few other weirdos that were also disliked for one reason or another (like the one black guy in our school, the one girl nobody else could stand, the guy into comic books and D&D, etc.) so I wasn't really a loner, though I did spend a fair bit of time by myself.

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they called me 'grandpa' :/

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