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What is the largest class you have been in?

I had 28 in my primary school class so that
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I've taken a few college courses that were held in auditoriums. So there were 200-300 people in the class. Professor used a microphone. The professor wasn't the one grading essays and assignments. They had some TAs do all that.

Popular general education (not your major) classes are often huge like that.
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I've had several university classes with 300+ people in huge auditoriums. Right now, one of my courses has like 220 people. It used to freak me out, until I learned to sit right up front and pretty much ignore everyone else.

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Dunno probably been in some lecture halls in uni with 100+ maybe 200 people before. Stuff that was my course + games programming course. Some introductory stuff that wasn't a proper class at the beginning possibly too with the entire faculty.

My actual course started out with only around 70-90 or so people I think which they split into 3 classes for non-lecture stuff, but by the end it was down to around 30 overall because people retook years or dropped out/switched subjects.

In compulsory education around 30 students.

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30 - 40 ...My primary school was pretty old school even though it was the early 90's we still had desks with ink wells & a stove, both not in use of course, well I think the stove might have been lit a couple times in really cold weather.

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3-7. I was in special ed for not having a fake mentality. My brain algorithms is slow, according to supercomputers.

Even my IEP said brain algorithms slow.

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Around 100 ppl
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Probably around 300-400. I never cared as long as I am not the one standing in front

Biggest auditorium in the university I went to. 900 places. Never saw it full

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the working class 🤣

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I was a teaching assistant for a class that had 500 students once.
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When I first went to university there were around 210 in the year group. It made lab work problematic as a few people each had to share a single fume cupboard.
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