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Um....Can someone give me great advices???

Omg, im so scared. I hate the kids im going to school with this year. How will i do powerpoints??? I would shake. I have a true best friend but he is a boy, everyone says i like like him. no i dont, hes the only one who knows about my social anxiety, he is nice. anyways, my question is how can i do powerpoints and read infront of the kids while they are staring?

Love rose school starts tommorow
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Hi Rose,

Ughh, powerpoint presentations. I allways liked them better than regular presentaions because everyone is mostly looking at the powerpoint.

I usually practice 100 times before a presentation. Maybe try tuning everyone out and pretend your talking to yourself? Try using really interesting photos in the powerpoint so people concentrate on that.
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i know you posted this a while ago, but here's my suggestion: dont think of powerpoints as something bad! they are so helpful during presentations because you can look at the screen instead of the people and the people are looking at the screen instead of you! plus, if you put lots of images on the powerpoint, you can ask that they turn the lights off to see them better and for whatever reason, it's much easier to speak while in the dark. also, if there's any way you can engage the ask them what they think about some part of what you're talking about, then you can respond to what they're saying instead of just reading off a card, which for me is much easier (this isn't true for everybody, i know) - plus, teachers are always impressed when you try and get the other students to participate in your presentation. also, i know this is expensive, but if you can print out a paper copy of your powerpoint to give to everybody in the class, they will be looking at that and not you, which is a relief.
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Don't look at them....look at the back of the room.
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Maybe you could ask the teacher to turn off the lights when you do it. I don't know something about the dark makes it easier.
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