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Terrified of failing university

I'm an undergrad chemistry student currently redoing the second year of my course, and I'm worried that I've already messed up my chances of passing the year.

For context, when I started back in 2018 I struggled immediately; I was living with 12 other people which was a nightmare for a socially anxious person like me, I ended up shutting myself away in my room and barely interacting with my flatmates and coursemates, to the point where I've ended up with only a couple of friends who I knew from secondary school. This has not helped the academic side of things, which rapidly went downhill too; from being a 'star student' back in KS3/4 to not getting as good A-level results as I'd have wanted to just scraping a pass in first year of uni. In fact, I did so badly on the end-of-year tests last summer (exams were unassessed due to covid) that I decided to redo second year rather than taking the free pass into third, as I felt I'd struggle even more.

This year the structure has changed so that we're examined on the first half of the material in January, and the second half in June, with the credits split between these two semesters, in a similar way to how AS/A-levels used to work. I've had all but one exam so far (the last one is on the 22nd) and I've done utterly abysmally. I just cannot seem to understand and apply the material to the degree that's expected, even on my second try at learning it.

What terrifies me is that this is really my last chance, if I don't manage to pass this year then I really cannot justify retaking it again, which leaves me no option but to drop out of the course. I can't stand the prospect of it, firstly because I have no idea what else I could do; since GCSEs my only goal has been to pass this degree. My parents keep reassuring me that there are 'other options', but have never actually explained what these options are, so it really seems like if I drop out then that's the end of any possibility of doing something I actually enjoy. Furthermore, while I have struggled with living away from family, there are still parts of it I enjoy, and since I still have a couple of friends in that city, leaving university would eliminate any chance of me seeing them again even semi-regularly.

I don't even know what the problem is. I'm perfectly aware that I need to do something, but I just don't know how I can turn things around and actually understand the course material.

Tl;dr I've struggled ever since starting university and I'm terrified that I've already screwed up my last chance to turn things around.
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Partaking in subjects we find interesting and stimulating normally makes it easier to absorb information. Could some of the problem be your lecturer I wonder...

These are just my thoughts/opinions, I am not a Doctor/Health Professional etc. so please draw your own conclusions.
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I've had a lot of different lecturers since I started, and it's a general problem unfortunately rather than a specific tutor. Plus with online teaching I haven't had lecturers this year.
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