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Did you enjoy more the learning or the socialisation aspect of school?

More I mean

I would say socialisation , I enjoyed playing football more than learning Spainish
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Socializing w/ friends, but I had one or 2 friends after elementary school, but it was still the hi-light of the day.

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learning lol

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Socialization, because that was the only opportunity I ever had in my life to do so and to make any friends (despite none of those friendships lasting very long).

Ever since leaving the school environment (1995), life has been unbearably painful, isolated, and lonely. Most of those "friends" promptly moved away, and none cared to keep in contact beyond school. I have no connection to the world anymore, and no more opportunity to make one.

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I had no friends throughout school and wasn't interested in what I was being taught. The benefit of school was a routine, having somewhere to go, and getting out of my toxic home.
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Neither, for a while it was socialising early on, so I'll go with that.

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Both are necessary, and they should be well managed to get benefit from them.
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Competition was one of the few things that generated motivation within me and that's such a rare feeling for me that I really enjoyed at least partially having the energy to get things done academically.
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Education before college is mostly a social aspect. Anything you learned between middle school to high school is mostly just short term retention just to pass the class and get good grades. Because in that education period, people are generally more worried about their social standing amongst the school. Even in college, this aspect doesn't really go away. Especially if you're in many demanding socially circles. Like being in a club, sorority or frat.

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Definitely enjoyed hanging out with my friends more than skool work
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Learning I guess but in reality none of it.

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I hated school. From day one until the last day. It was an 18 year nightmare that I thought would never end. I only really learned stuff (as far as proper academics) until about the 3rd grade. After that things became too complicated and I started falling behind.

I learned to read and write fast but everything else was a disaster.

As far as socializing, the only people who treated me in any way that could be defined as "good" were the girls (99% of them anyway). They were indifferent to me but that was far preferable to the fact that the males were relentlessly obnoxious (mostly) and sometimes cruel.

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Can not remember enjoying one more than the other. But I can remember socializing more than learning. Esp during lunch. I think of those times often, eating pizza or subs with my friends. It's probably because what they were teaching seemed so boring or meaningless at the time. I was also late to highschool a lot which made it easier to care less for learning altogether
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Definitely learning -- I've always loved learning and hated socializing.

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I liked both,

but like someone has said, school is probably the easiest time to meet people and make friends.
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I never liked classes or schoolwork except for maybe one or two subjects but I enjoyed the other random stuff at college, like the clubs, time in-between classes, and going to campus events, etc. The socializing was a mixed bag, depending on how my anxiety was doing and who I was socializing with. Sometimes I enjoyed it sometimes it was hell.

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The socializing where people threatened to kill me all the time? No, I didn't enjoy that very much. Though I liked spending time with my friends, even if we were all "losers". So, a real mixed bag.

I love learning, but I didn't enjoy learning in the context of a classroom very much. I much prefer independent learning, where I have the freedom to follow my hunches. But I guess that's why I'm a failure. I've never been good at playing by the rules.

I never really got to go to university. I went for a year, but no one would give me a loan to go back, so I had to drop out. Idk if I would have enjoyed socializing in uni more than hs. That year was pretty messed up and I never really got a chance. But I'm sure everyone would have hated me there, too. I'm pretty hateable.

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My school exp was mixed, I wasn't bad student, would say one of the better ones if not the best ones, but enough of this. I enjoyed it as much as I can. Thinking about it now, at least I had friendos w/ whom I could hang out and visit as guest and vice versa. Thinking about HS it's full of my biggest regrets, and when I sit and think about all the opportunities I've missed there (and how would I be doing if I was present me), I just want to f**kin die, cuz the rest of my life won't give me such opps anymore, it will be just boring and tiring existence (work[hopefully of my field] -> home -> rinse-n-repeat). Sorry for little rant.
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neither because school is prison.
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Speaking of what aspect I consider more important - it would be learning.
But socializing is the thing that I enjoy more about school. Although, we can't neglect such issues as bullying or pupils being aggressive. Moreover, many professors don't consider the personality of the student and that erases any individuality.
So, each of those aspects has pros and cons.
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