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castor sacs
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Originally Posted by AberrantP3ngu1n View Post
I wish I were brave enough to talk to my teachers... or just brave enough to seek help in general
I haven't been officially diagnosed either, but I'm considering seeing a doctor during summer break. I don't have issues with taking tests though so I don't know how they'd even help me.
Which is why I opted for email. Your professors probably have their email addresses printed on the class syllabus or displayed somewhere on your school website.

I have been officially diagnosed for a few things, but the main diagnoses that would have helped my case (GAD and ADD) were diagnosed so long ago that my school's disability services said I had to get psychologically reevaluated to see if I still even had the disorders and what the current prognoses were. Inconvenient, since the school year was starting in under a month by the time we appealed for services; my old psychiatrist and psychologist moved away, so I couldn't renew the reports with them, and all new centers we were looking at were booked for quite a while (insurance made our selection even narrower).

I did have one recent diagnosis (Asperger's) in letter format that we appealed for as well, but they said there wasn't enough information to give any services, and besides, "I have a history of excellent grades, therefore I obviously don't need any help." I don't even want to think about how idiotic and unprofessional my school's DSS is. Sigh.

It's still worth the appeal and trying to get a diagnosis during summer. Best of luck. Make sure that you explain your situation as thoroughly as possible to your doctor, and if the DSS at your school so requires, ask your doctor to write an in depth letter of diagnosis AND prognosis. The more information there, the more DSS will be persuaded that you need services. Even beef up your problems if you need to.

The services I needed simply pertained to social aspects and attention/sequencing issues. I have short term memory, ADD, and an auditory sequencing disorder, therefore I would need some sort of agenda of assignments outlined in print for me by professors, and if they could not provide any visuals during lectures so I could actually understand the material, permission to audio record the class. My mum also asked if I could have someone experienced show me around campus and help me find my specific class locations, perhaps introduce me to my professors. As for the social aspect, my teachers would be informed by the DSS that I have GAD and AS that affect test anxiety, public speaking, and group interactions; therefore I might have an isolated test room and, possibly, alternate assignments for group assignments and private presentations just one on one between the professor and I.

I didn't get any of the services. I don't think it's just my school seems many universities mainly accommodate those who are physically disabled, meanwhile those with cognitive and emotional conditions are left helpless. It's such ****. God I ****ing hate the ignorance in this world. I do hope you get some help.
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I'm registered with the disability office. Specifically, I get accommodations for my inattentive ADHD and social anxiety. I find it very helpful because it I feel like it puts me on an equal footing since that immense barrier isn't there.
Accommodations I get:
-Time and a half for testing
-Testing alone (in a room)
-Alternative assignments for presentations (either written assignment instead, solo presentation in front of the prof, or I record it for them)
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I haven't ever gone to my schools disability services but with the upcoming fall semester I probably should see if we do have one and get set up there.

Last semester I was too depressed to do anything and completely just stayed home after missing 2 days since I was too nervous to even talk to the professors about anything.

I really should because my SA does hinder me but also other things (depression, dissociative identity disorder, bipolar disorder, panic disorder, ect.) heavily get in the way and make it hard for me to function at school some days.

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My own personal experience with the disability office at my school was underwhelming... they basically told me there was nothing they could do other than provide on-campus counseling.
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I don't know I'd feel uncomfortable doing that. But it's ok I'm doing fine so far.
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I'm about to be. We'll see how it goes when I start the semester. Hopefully it calms my anxiety.

Does anyone know how much I can say to a counselor before they call my parents or the police or something? Or does it remain forever confidential?
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I've actually considered it. Not for SA, but ADHD-PI. I was only officially diagnosed with that at the end of 4 miserable years of High School. And as far as I'm concerned there isn't much that they can do to help me; I don't have problems with taking tests (besides focusing long enough to study) and I can stumble my way through presentations.

Also talking to people is scary...
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I've looked into it but we need a form filled out by a professional, and I'm not really comfortable asking my psychologist to fill it out for me. I wish I was though, there have been times when it would have been helpful.
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Hey, everyone, it seems as though many of you are struggling with the class related portion of college. I actually enjoy public speaking and class discussion because they are structured; I can also discuss class-related topics with other students rather comfortably. The part that is really affecting me is living on campus.

I have been dreading living on campus since middle school, and although classes haven't started yet, almost no returning students are here, and no one else is in my suite yet, I find that my stomach is actually in pain from SA, and I feel like I can't get away.

I've thought about seeking help through the school, but I'm worried they will just tell me to put myself out there, which I have been painfully attempting these past few days of orientation.

Has anyone else had this problem at college and sought help, if so, was it useful?

Also, I am a transferring student from community college, which was bearable because I could commute. I have been thinking of moving back home and commuting to a nearby university, but don't want to stunt my social growth.

Has any one else tried this?
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Me. I have Aspergers which qualifies for their disability program and I was able to use some of those benefits like priority registration for classes and taking an incredibly easy PE class called adapted activities.
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This thread has been very encouraging. I know I have social anxiety because I had a very hard time in a speech class and that time i was unaware it was SA and I could actually receive assistance. I mostly ignored up until now because it's usually in speech settings I falter. But recently, I had to give a speech in my microbiology class and it was hell. I was unaware I could go to the disability department. I was giving my speech and shaking very violently and it was a total, total nightmare. I CANNOT do it again. i tried to explain this to my professor and his response was 'i have SA too, but you have to learn to overcome it.' He's a sweet guy so i'm sure he had no ill intent. Probably was caught off guard when he did see my speech. Saw him laughing at one point because he was shocked o_O. Luckily he doesn't grade for how the speech is delivered but on the content. My content was fine.

Well, next semester I will be taking a community health class in which the professor requires not ONE but TWO speeches. And this dude totally grades on how the speech is given. I heard he's some what of a hard *****. there's no getting out of it.

My question to you guys is, did you have to go to a psychiatrist or a health professional outside of school to get evaluated? I don't know if I have the money to do that. Or can I just go to my school disability center (Having trouble bringing myself to it) and they will evaluate me?

Thanks again!
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Originally Posted by blue the puppy View Post
if not, i would strongly urge you to. i've been having a really difficult time lately with SA and depression, and i got a failing grade in a class. also, im a doctoral student who has to put together a candidacy committee -- which for someone with SA, as you can imagine, is torture because i have to ask people to be on my committee.

i met with DSS (disability support services) awhile ago and didn't get anywhere, so i met with the director yesterday and she was amazing. she offered to accompany me to a meeting with the head of graduate studies in my department to sort everything out. she also helped me write the email to the head of grad studies asking her for a meeting.

anyways. just wanted to put that positive experience out there and urge you to take advantage of the services your school has to offer. if you have difficulty speaking in class, or speaking to professors, or concentrating and getting assignments done in time, DSS can probably help you.
I was reluctant to get help from these angels, I am glad my dad forced me, they help so much! I am forever a disability patient of the greater brighter future of my dreams. They got me accomodations and I am doing so much better in my classes it feels like I am succeeding and my grades show!

REPOST cuz it's important;
Even if you drop of of college, you can go back anytime, you can get financial aid at FAFSA and they help pay for classes and books if you qualify. Then you can enter a community college and take baby steps, you can work with the disability resources services like I did and they will talk to your teachers and tell them about your situation and offer accommodations for your social anxiety. Higher education will give you a brighter future.

My dad forced me to go to college right out of high school in 2008, he was authoritative and scary, and harassed me that if I don't go he will kick me out of the house and he will stop feeding me, and I was in my social anxiety issues and procrastination and probably also selective mutism, and trichotillomania, I was a nothing but I did what he told me, it made me stronger too, it made me so strong. I went to college with my social anxiety and my other problems, and I refused to get help from disability resources services in the beginning of my college, and also during my college, but then in the middle of my college my dad harassed me to go to a psychologist, psychiatrist, and get help for my disabling social anxiety cuz I used to depend on my dad way too much.

He harassed me about going to get help from psychologists, psychiatrists the same way he harassed me about going to college, he had to make the appointments for me, and everything, so he forced me to go in a way. He forced me to get help, so I got and they helped me alot and gave me meds too, so I took them one day when I decided, oh well what's the big deal I'll take them and change my sad life. And I did. So then after I was going to my psychotherapy I slowly started going into the possibility that I can use the disability resources services at my college, and one of the teachers talked to my psychologist about me and the teacher told the disability services about me and then I was famous.

So then I was with them and they helped me and I did better in my classes and my grades, because the disability people told the teachers my social anxiety and my disabling fear to interact socially. So the disability lady worked out accommodations with me and my teachers for me. My grades were so nice and they saw I am a smart student and I deserve to learn and go out there and study and learn just like any other piece of extroverted DNA that seems to have life way easier than us.

So now that I am on prozac again, cuz my bf took me off of it, cuz he is a retard********, I went to the disability lady by myself, before when I wasn't on prozac my dad had to talk for me, it was just to disabling for me. Now I talked to her and took care of business man, she said I gave her teary eyes lol, she was shocked by how prozacked I was. I still go to the disability resources services even if I am prozacked, they can help you man, don't have judgmental beliefs about the word "disability" like I used to, I made a quote for myself when I used to be and it went like this, "Just because I'm not social doesn't mean I have a disability." or something along the lines of that.

Good luck man, I'm still climbing up the college latter, hoping to transfer to university and live my dreams.

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Yup. I wouldn't imagine myself going off to college without having a support network in place, so far it's been very motivating and helpful.
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I've actually been considering it because I get horrible test anxiety. I'm starting a new major and I do not want to work hard during the term and then screw up my GPA because of some anxiety. I'm afraid I won't be taken seriously or they'll see me as taking the easy way out because my anxiety is not terribly debilitating. I don't know...I most likely won't follow through with this :/ Just gotta find some way of getting over it.

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i registered with the disability services at my university last semester. they were able to approve me for extra time on all the tests i take.
it's definitely helped me so much and i'm glad that i was able to get it. also, i don't really feel any shame or embarrassment about it like i did in high school. i didn't really notice until this semester that a lot of other students in my classes are registered with the disability services too.
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I actually went to my university's DSS today to get the forms for both psychological disability and learning disability. I have SA, depression, and possible ADHD, but who knows which of those is the problem? It sucks how you can hate yourself as much as you want, or shake with anxiety just from being in a room with people, but nobody cares unless it's causing you not to "function" well. Nobody *****ing said "You need special accommodations" in high school when I was making straight A's and 2220 SAT scores between suicide attempts and unhealthy dieting.

Yeah, my reluctance to get educationl help is partly due to denial ("I'm a SmartKidô, I don't need help.") and partly because of disillusionment with the system in general.

Now I'm screwed because I've lost my financial aid and don't want to depend on my parents any more than I already do. (Before, I had a work-study job and some grants which together made almost half my tuition, with my parents paying the rest & letting me live at home.)

Considering dropping out, actually.
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I'm going to have to given that, thanks to my medication, I can't actually write without my hands shaking. So, I've had to get it set up to take the tests on a laptop so that my handwriting can actually be read.

And before someone says it, no, I absolutley cannot come off of my medication.
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I went to the director or my college's disability services and he told that there was basically nothing he could do. He even told me not to tell any of my professors about my social anxiety because they would have me kicked out of the program. Btw I'm a nursing student and apparently you can't be a nurse and have social anxiety.
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Thank you so much for the information. we also help students as we provide best assignment writing service to everyone.
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I didn't register with them until my very last semester.. I was relieved that they offered the ability to write exams in a special "distraction-free" environment, but then when I went there to write my exam, it was actually full of more distractions than the usual exam room. The desks were wobbling and squeaking, people were walking in and out, people were talking, laughing, and if I wanted help or another exam booklet, I had to wait like 10 minutes because the person wasn't paying any attention to us.
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