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Originally Posted by FRDSG View Post
Unless you want to become a doctor, engineer or computer science or a very specific field then you can just learn everything else in your spare time. Lectures, books, online tutors for 10ph, internet.

The practical skills you gain + no debt (that you wont have to pay off for half your life) in the space of a 4yr bachelors is much more valuable than a very general degree like in the social sciences (unless you are determined to take it to the phd level).
Of course learning anything becomes a bit of a problem if you can't remember your name half the time and forget your own address and phone number.

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I’d have to agree it’s a scam. The idea that after you turn 18/finish high school you need to go into severe debt(assuming no one made a fund for you) to “hopefully” come out with qualifications that may or may not be useful in getting a decent job is absurd. And if you don’t go you’re ****ed the other way around in terms of job prospects...its crazy. Not to mentioned even if you do get a good job and are starting to manage all your debt from school and your car and whatever else in life that puts you on a hole what if your industry goes under during or after your training is complete or even a few years after you graduate, then you’re told to go get into more debt for hopefully what’ll be a better result that time...

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for proper training and advanced education but for it to be near fact that the only way at a decent life is to go in the hole financially is madness
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Well looking at the big admissions scandal in the news the last couple days it appear at least the admissions policies to get into college are scams benefiting then wealthy.
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I think if you are a jock or star athlete, college will be a big party in some ways because everyone is bowing down to you. If you are a genius and super dedicated to becoming like an astrophysicist or doctor or lawyer or writer, i guess you at least need some college or a bachelors degree. It still doesn't guarantee you anything in the real world. A ton of jobs are because you know someone or have connections.

Also if you want to be in a fraternity or sorority and get drunk and have fun, if you are a college that is like a structured way to act like an idiot and get laid or have fun.

I think the whole basic idea of college is completely idiotic, the little college I had under my belt, seemed like very few teachers gave a rat's azz and were just going through the motions.

I personally am the tall lanky skinny awkward guy so graduating would not have been much fun or would not have been easy to blend in. I think just telling employers you have a bachelors degree
even if you learned basically nothing is more important than anything. And if you are in college, you have your designated moron friends who are all in the same boat as you that you can hang out with.
They then ditch you as soon as college ends.

On a basic level, it is all about money. A university is a business, the teachers are all being paid. If you go on to do incredible things in life, that school will ask you to return and donate money or speak in front of other students to inspire them, like if you become a famous actor or athlete. For 99.9% of the rest of the students, they just will kind of take your tuition money and keep the line moving and forget about you. I mean if you have great potential as an athlete guess what, you can get half or free tuition, not because they care, because if the school team wins the championship, they can recruit even more students in the upcoming years claiming to have won a championship, all about money
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Yes- the job market is too unrealistic these days, in which entry level jobs would rather see you have 3-5 years of experience. Can't get such experience if no one is willing to give you a chance to get such a thing.Having a degree just doesn't cut it anymore. It's now whatever to me though since I don't intend to be a part of the corporate drone and rate race culture all my life anyway.

Indeed colleges are more expensive and a good majority of people will probably end up taking their debt to the grave. Furthermore, colleges place way to much emphasis on the "college experience/get involved" bullsh-t rather than give you the tools, resources, and experience for today's job market. Community college, getting a certified job skill, or learning a trade seem to be best and cheapest way to start out. If only I had a damn time machine.

Originally Posted by WillYouStopDave View Post
Life is a scam. College is just one of the consent forms you need to sign so they can pretend you had a choice.
True facts.
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For most people, university is still the best route - having a degree is an academic safety net in case you need to change jobs or industry. There are some industries that degrees aren't that helpful for, but having that option to change over is really important, and usually only appreciated in an emergency. The opportunity for the university experience is also great - you can meet some fantastic people, which could change your career/life in some cases!

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Holy crap. Talked to my coworker today. She said that her niece is going to college out of state (which means out-of-state tuition), not an ivy league or anything particularly elite. The parents are paying $20,000 per semester on tuition alone!! Crazy how spoiled some kids are. If I were a parent no way in hell would I pay for that. Let the kid go to school in-state. If they really want to live out of state they can do that after they graduate.
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yeah wish I realized this when I was younger. nothing I can do about it now though.
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This is one of the cases were the government needs to intervene to lower tuition costs. Education shouldn't be expensive.
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In retrospect I liked school best up until high school. I learned the basics of reading and writing. Even high school while I hated at the time prepared me better for life than college.

We make decisions though that we have to live with and just move forward

“Just because you have a choice, it doesn't mean that any of them 'has' to be right."
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Tuition is like 14k a semester at my school. Not including books, other costs. No way in hell it should be this much unless I’m going to Harvard or something...

Live life no matter what.. never quit you deserve better.
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I don't get why people are so anti the concept of low or no tuition fees. Are they worried they and their offspring might struggle in a meritocracy?
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Originally Posted by andy0128 View Post
I don't get why people are so anti the concept of low or no tuition fees. Are they worried they and their offspring might struggle in a meritocracy?
Clearly some are:

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Kick down the door
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