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A rant on groupwork

Besides not really having friends in my classes, and I'm in the higher level classes in my major now like half the major is best friends with each other, I'm also extremely independent by nature. Group work requires me to rely on other people. I don't want to carry the group, I don't want the group to carry me, I want to do it myself.
Normally I suck it up, but this semester is... Weird
75% of my classes are very heavy on group work to the point that one of my classes has a group project as the majority of the grade, I don't want other people to determine how I do!
But even aside I'm sure a lot of people can relate to this struggle. Can't find a group? No one will let you in cause friends already paired off with each other? Teacher refuses to get involved? What can one do but take the hit on their grade
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Idk they usually want to keep groups even so I've never had trouble finding a group because if someone is missing a person...there I go.
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Ah, group work.

I completely understand how you feel. For me, group work typically meant:
1. I ended up being the only person who didn't have a friend to work with, so the teacher had to pick someone for me or say "Who wants to be mezzo's partner?"
2. I would do most, if not all of the work in order to get a good grade.

Good times.
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There's two groups of people: those who will pull more than their weight, and those who don't.

If you don't pull your weight, you don't really care about getting a low grade so it's a win-win situation.

If you do, you either have to work extra hard to get a decent grade, or see your grade suffer - it's a lose-lose situation.

Don't mind working with others, but should be assessed individually!

Just my two cents x

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