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I'm socially awkward in that sometimes I force myself to start a sentence I haven't rehearsed and then stop halfway through it and just sit there looking stupid because my mind goes blank.

I'm socially anxious in that I have to rehearse everything I say before I say it or that will happen.

I'm socially awkward in that even when I think I have fully rehearsed and prepared for what needs to be said, it happens anyway because my mind goes blank anyway.

I'm socially anxious in that I worry that even if everything I rehearsed goes off without a hitch the person will ask me a question I wasn't expecting and I will just stand there with a blank look on my face looking stupid.

I'm socially awkward in that if that actually happens, I will probably say something like "See ya later" or "I gotta go" or "good" and start to walk away and trip over my own feet and almost fall over.

I'm socially anxious in that I will see this whole encounter coming two weeks ahead of time and worry about it the whole time.

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One thing I do sometimes in work meetings is jump ahead to refute someones statement before they have even finished saying it. Some people just talk so slowly and the meeting goes on and on and on and on .. and on and on. The example I can think of is when we were talking about control charting data to determine acceptability limits. This women was starting to say that limits would get too narrow and before she finished I jumped in to tell her that just because your data all comes in between numbers like 8 to 10 that doesn't mean the control chart limits will be 8 to 10. They would be moire like 7 to 11.

To avoid that I had to start jotting down notes because one woman would go on so long that she would start on one subject then move on to at least 2 others before pausing to get feedback. I remember that time this women was going on about raising the calibration limit for lead and then went to talk about it for 10 minutes. After that I pointed out how the reporting limits for lead are getting lower so we should be going lower on the calibration limits. It was a waste of 10 minutes by her and I knew it but there's nothing you can do about those things. Meetings with mortals and frustrating!
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I am both. Almost any social situation will stress me out even with people I’m comfortable around and it’s my social anxiety that makes me socially awkward. When I do talk my voice gets very shaky I have a hard time controlling my breathing and I sweat. I’ve noticed that this tends to make a lot of people uncomfortable which makes me even more uncomfortable and it’s an endless cycle.
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its both? i have absolutely no social skills but sometimes talking to alive people feels like chore and drag

hey people im looking for people phobia pals, add me anytime anyone my fb
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Both because I don't really feel good around people and don't know how to say the right thing at the right time either.
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In my view overcome Social Anxiety begins with a module of pre questionnaires, which includes both individualizing the course of treatment to the needs of each person and measuring the severity of the pre treatment symptoms of each person. The intervention ends with a module of post questionnaires which helps people to measure improvements in their symptom severity. it is the best method for treatment.
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