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Originally Posted by Paul View Post

Wasn't he a carpenter? Perfectly useful trade.

Well yeah but he kinda gave that up for the hippie lifestyle
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I had this post saved in browser cache from ages ago. I guess I'll post it:

boring normie part:

I still think of Jesus in the bible as a fictional character. I think the historical figure of Jesus is probably several different people mixed together. Like him more than Yahweh.

other ****:


I kind of think of him as a gay icon, partly because he reminds me of Saint Sebastian who is a gay icon:

Some religious images depicting Saint Sebastian have been appropriated by the LGBT community. [43] A combination of his strong, shirtless physique, the symbolism of the arrows penetrating his body, and the countenance of rapturous pain have intrigued artists (gay or otherwise) for centuries, which is claimed to be the first explicitly gay cult in the nineteenth century.[43] These eroticized innuendos are what intrigues and draws this erotic interest to Saint Sebastian, not his legacy of piety and historical sainthood.[44]

American author Richard A. Kaye claims the following opinion:
"Contemporary gay men have seen in Sebastian at once a stunning advertisement for homosexual desire (indeed, a homoerotic ideal), and a prototypical portrait of tortured closet case."[45][46]

Some famous paintings depicting Saint Sebastian interest scholars studying homoeroticism in biblical art. However, unlike other Christian saints who are said to be popular within the gay community, there is no historical record of any of Saint Sebastian's relationships, homosexual or otherwise.[citation needed]
Partly because a gay stand up comic did a whole bit about him.

But mostly because I sorta ship Satan and Jesus.

The temptation of Jesus focused on Satan's determined effort to keep Jesus from the cross. He didn't want Him to die, whatever interpreters think. He desperately sought to keep Him from the cross, for he knew Christ's death destroyed evil, death, and Satan himself. The proof of his desperation was his willingness to compromise with Jesus by letting Him rule in morality and virtue so long as He didn't rule in blood-bought righteousness.


Also from that link lol:

The temptations of Jesus were all answered by the Master's resort to Scripture. The reason is obvious: Satan has no answer to God's Word. He would have loved to debate philosophy with Jesus or why God could say He loved Jesus, but still let Him suffer, or why God could claim to be sovereign and let good people suffer-all the arguments skeptics employ to justify their refusal to obey God. But Jesus declined. The Master gives us the perfect response to any temptation: shield life with God's Word and shoot it like cannon at the tempter!

Some people heard my words and thought it meant they knew me
Truth is, I don't exist, I'm just a soundtrack to your movie
Some background figure in a story that's already scripted
And what I feel's just felt for you to hear me ****ing spit it
I jump in many different heads through these words and poems
Always hoping maybe the next leap'll be my leap home

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I feel like if he was as we’ve been taught then it’s ironic that most of the people who claim to worship him are nothing like him at all in how they live or treat others...that’s been my experience anyway.

In some ways I agreed with him, he was very critical of the religious institutions of his time, & I don’t like the institution of the church at all(or organized religion in general) despite feeling that there’s wisdom in the bible & other religious texts.

He seemed far more accepting of outsiders than most Christians I’ve met/known...I mean they tend to be nice until they sense your lack of devotion or feel that you’re attacking or dismissing their faith simply by asking pointed questions...again, ironic because it’s exactly what he did himself to the religious leaders of his time, it’s part of why he was crucified...if it hadn’t been so long since I held a bible I’d quote some of the passages.

Him being the son of god though, believing it himself, & being able to launch a thousands years old dynasty of faith...I suspect like a learned/creative scientist or magician of today, he was able to do some things that the average person/populace simply wouldn’t be able to comprehend & add to that being a charismatic speaker(I mean for all our knowledge as a species look at what has happened with all types of populist leaders in recent decades, doesn’t take much to sweep people up)...in those days guaranteed a charismatic speaker was someone speaking the truth, at least to those masses, I mean “why would god bless a man with such words if not for him to enlighten the rest of the flock”...you can see where I’m going & how the story of Jesus’ words & personal sacrifice would slowly, but progressively snowball.

Ultimately, to me , Jesus was a rebel. He came on the scene, spoke his mind, & no one could tell him otherwise, such that he died for it...I think there’s a part of everyone that admires someone true to their cause to the end, sometimes that’s true even if you don’t agree with them.

I do think he was a real person, but his story is probably not who he actually was overall, legends need their bravado
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I already answered but.. I don't know what to make of him. Sometimes I wonder what the difference is between god and jesus. The current Christ consciousness seems a bit demanding for the modern age. One moment..let me ask an Irishman.
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He was a lying hippie.
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The truth is we know very little.

Whatever we think of him are projections of our own needs, fears, and desires.
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Islamic Jesus is sort of a very unbelievable character (I prefer the Islamic Moses, because he has some personality).

Anyway, I sort of liked the Netflix show, because it sort of played with a lot with Christian and Islamic legends both (I think that's probably why it ended up being cancelled, because it had too many Islamic elements for the general Muslim taste to accept).

I was curious where they were going with the character though, because neither versions of Jesus makes much sense imo, and mixing them both makes even less sense. I couldn't imagine an ending that I could like honestly.


One eery thing about Islamic Jesus is that he talked as a baby. I always found it very hard to imagine an actual talking baby. (try looking up talking baby videos and imagining them saying complete serious sentences).


I was never interested enough to study Christianity in any serious way. I've always been more interested in the original Yahweh, he seems more realistic, lol. Something about the way Jesus is portrayed puts me off. I can't really explain why. But I've never read the bible, so who knows.

Ma 'alena
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I personally believe that there was a historical Jesus - if not someone who was depicted as the Jesus we presently know of. He likely questioned the system he was raised under (a bit like Aristotle) and ultimately paid the price when knowing something behind that system along with the Roman Empire finding the opportunity to easily invade, as they had with much of Europe and West Asia. As far as the Christian text goes, it may have started with ear-to-ear hearsay on an event that happened (that refers to Jesus) and the Roman Catholic Church found yet another opportunity to control the masses when they knew that they were weakened and can only hold much of its local countries (primarily western Europe).


I still respect the fact that people follow much of Christianity's principals (primarily the New Testament) and don't intend to do any harm with it. But it can't be denied that many ideologies start off with political systems and power dynamics that can either have it conquer or be conquered. What we make do with it presently is all that technically concerns us 'now'.
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