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What do you make of Jesus?

Most atheists and non-Christians don't dispute the existence of Jesus of Nazareth. So I'm wondering, what do you think of him and his life? Was he a well-meaning individual with some mental illness (hearing voices and seeing things that don't exist are reminiscent of schizophrenia, for example). Do you think he was an outright liar? Or do you not believe in his existence at all; do you think that all the stories are based on a fictional person?

This question is obviously for non-Christians only. If you want to discuss how Jesus is the son of God, there's another forum for that
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I think he's an amalgam of Apollonius of Tyana and various other sons of gods that were supposedly running around at the time. He really isn't that unique if you do some research. Of course there are actual writings by him unlike Jesus.

Quote by Bart D. Ehrman:

Even before he was born, it was known that he would be someone special. A supernatural being informed his mother the child she was to conceive would not be a mere mortal but would be divine. He was born miraculously, and he became an unusually precocious young man. As an adult he left home and went on an itinerant preaching ministry, urging his listeners to live, not for the material things of this world, but for what is spiritual. He gathered a number of disciples around him, who became convinced that his teachings were divinely inspired, in no small part because he himself was divine. He proved it to them by doing many miracles, healing the sick, casting out demons, and raising the dead. But at the end of his life he roused opposition, and his enemies delivered him over to the Roman authorities for judgment, but unlike Jesus was not crucified,[31] as he vanished from the courtroom and reappeared in another place days later where he was seen by his followers,[32] and convinced them that he was not really dead, but lived on in the heavenly realm. Later some of his followers wrote books about him.[33]
The above quote is about Apollonius.
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too busy to research some random dude from history that might have existed

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Once I got to about 16 I just assumed the church made all that up too - so it's not something I ever think about.
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Seems like he was friendly enough.

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Dead dude on a stick.

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Lots of times in the Bible he seemed kinda grouchy.
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A well meaning guy who taught basic **** like kindness and love and since pple were so **** he seemed revolutionary. Shrug.

Miles to go before I sleep. Vale.

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Hmm. Disputed son of God? I think there's room to discuss jesus in any forum or form, be it religious or not. What I find interesting is that there are Islamic accounts of this jesus dude and the quotes attributed to him not-from-the-bible that sound similar to those found in the bible. Maybe this was a real dude. Maybe he's an amalgamation of things. Maybe he's the middle eastern buddha?
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He just wants to come inside you!

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He's a good lad but bit of a liabilty after too many tequilas, punchy as fck so dont stare at him on a night out as he'll kick off

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I believe in God and I think believing in a man like Jesus is very healthy if he did or didn't exist.
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Nice guy. Very nice guy. Has lots of friends. Has long hair. Doesn't have any shoes. Wore a dress.
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