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Originally Posted by Sabreena View Post
Maybe that's why it didn't work while taking at the same time as Seroquel. Then again, the Seroquel was terrible and made me feel like a zombie, so who knows which side effects came from which medicine??

I've tried Abilify 3 times (with Wellbutrin/Seroquel/Lamictal) because my doctor kept insisting that it ~worked~ for anxiety, but tbh I didn't see a difference.

Ya know... I respect Dr's BUT... They're not in your head !
I've had sooo many tell me that this or that works , but the thing is.,, it had to work FOR YOU !!!
I hope you find the right combo.
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been on this for a week now at 10mg as an augment to nardil, no reason really, just wanted to give it a try and so far all good - more focus, more energy and motivation and increased libido. No side effects apart from maybe some stomach issues but hardly noticeable.

Not planning on going any higher as I'm not looking for its anti-psychotic properties, I`ll update more when I have been on it longer.
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I just started taking this med at 5mg today. I feel hungry but at the same time I feel full. I'm really confused right now.
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I've been prescribed 5mg of Aripiprazole/day for OCD yesterday. Still need to pick it up and start taking it. I am on other medications at the same time (an antipsychotic, an anti-anxiety drug and sleeping medications) so we'll see if it works on my ritualistic tendencies. Hopefully it will help me relax a little bit.

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I've tried all the antipsychotics here except for one or two and this was the only one that actually helped with my SA, it reduced it quite a bit but it also gave me akathisia so I had to stop taking it.
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To be honest this medication just made me gain weight and sleep all day. On the bright side it made me a little less anxious and relaxed but it didnt really help me

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