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Trileptal (oxcarbazepine)

Oxcarbazepine is an anticonvulsant and mood stabilizing drug. While primarily used to treat epilepsy, it is also used to treat anxiety and mood disorders.

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just like the other anticonvulsants i've tried, i only took it for about a month, as i was freaked out about the potential for weight gain.
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One of the "lesser" anticonvulsants, as I've been told since it doesn't seem to be as strong as some of the other ones out there on the market.

Having said that, I don't NEED a strong anticonvulsant. It works well to control my moods, and my pdoc SAYS it can help with anxiety, but I was already on so many other meds when I started this one that I can't say for sure just how much benefit it is giving me.

Oh, and it is one of the FEW anticonvulsants that is weight neutral. I haven't gained any weight on it (and have been able to lose some)
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When professionals take my medical history they never seem to have a clue what this one even is!

I was on this for 3 years. I don't recall side effects that were particularly miserable. The first few days I didn't speak clearly and had a slight slur but that disappeared. I just felt "slow." Fogged out. I stopped driving because I didn't trust my reaction times. Honestly I was only on it because the psychiatrist promised to wean me off Clonazepam once I hit my max dose of Trileptal. Never happened. I weaned myself off gradually and didn't notice a darn difference in my anxiety.
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can anybody recommend any Anticonvulsants like this one that are actually good for anxiety??
I'm interested to try another one as I need a stronger anticonvulsant preferably a Gaba-ergic type of one, I'm on Lyrica at the moment it only seems to work in higher doses, if anyone has tried any let me know!
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I am afraid that most are not effective
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Originally Posted by Intricate View Post
I am afraid that most are not effective
there are some (aeds) that are quite effective in controlling the somatic and psychic symptoms of anxiety disorders, e.g. pregabalin, which is approved for the treatment of generalised anxiety disorder in europe by the european medicines agency (ema) and used off-label for a number of other anxiety-spectrum disorders. gabapentin, pregabalin's less potent predecessor is often also used. the valproates are used to some extent and work for some, and so on and so forth (etc. and et al.).

status: in remission

dx: treatment-refractory variants of panic disorder with agoraphobia and generalized anxiety disorder

rx: 900mg/pregabalin, 4mg/clonazepam, 120mg/duloxetine
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this is the least toxic of the mood stabilizers. I dont take it and it doesnt work of course.
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Pros and cons

I have taken Depakote, Lithium and Lamictal. None of them made any noticeable difference whatsoever in any way. I am currently on Trileptal for restlessness and anxiety and I can say it has DEFINITELY helped. My pdoc started me at a very low dose (150 mg) twice a day, to be increased to 2X150mg twice a day after a week. I couldn't tolerate 300mg. It knocked me out. The other problem is that it kind of makes me feel "flat." I just feel kind of like, BLAH. So, it's a tradeoff like most every other medication I've taken.
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It's working somewhat?
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