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it didnt help me. meds have never helped me and the very few that did at all caused horrible side effects. and one helped but only so much. buspar didnt help me at all. im better off finally being off of medication. i have no idea how medication helps anyone. i think people are delusional. thats just how it sounds to me im sure not everyone is. it hasnt helped me at all. ive been on like thirty medications and ive been on them for like fifteen years of my life and they didnt help. bad news bad idea. caused tons of problems. made my life worse. buspar doesnt help. all of the meds were like a joke,. never helped depression. NEVER helped anxiety. it was all a joke.
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Originally Posted by mansurus View Post
Completely useless, and makes me want to ditch my psychiatrist. I've been on it for two months, and if anything my anxiety just keeps getting worse. Started with 15mg, and now am on 30mg with no difference. The side effects aren't too bad, a little dizziness and nausea, but i wouldn't care what it did if it worked.

Klonopin is the only thing that's worked so far, but they really don't like giving it out these days.
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Originally Posted by Sativa213 View Post
I have been on paxil and buspar for about 3 months. The paxil I don't know if its working or not, and the buspar.... well.. I still have extreme anxiety.... I feel like it helps, but its all my doctor will prescribe me for now. I have run out of my prescription because I dropped my bottle and lost some of them. I feel like it did sort of help with my alcoholism a little because I have slowed down from 80oz of Malt Liquor and around 4 or 5 shots of tiquila or vodka a day to 24 or 38 oz of beer. Now that I am off the buspar till I get it refilled I am up to 40 oz of beer and 2 or 3 shots of hard liquor. I don't know if I really try hard enough to stop drinking because I have kicked Meth, Heroin, marijuana, cocaine on my own free will and cold turky before. Never cigarettes and alcohol tho.... sorry for the add post im writing. Im a little drunk... but what ever... buspar.... It might be good for people who think they have an anxiety problem, but for people with sever anxiety/depression and/or prior drug use I think its just to check to see if the person really has anxiety or not....

Sorry that that post is everywhere.... I have add..... and im a little drunk.... lol
exactly. it doesnt help people with severe valid anxiety problems. its for people who think they have anxiety or something. ive been on meds that made my anxiety worse. ive been on tons of meds for anxiety that did not help my anxiety at all and i still had the same horrible anxiety. im just the same finally off of medication and im actually better off.
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Ive taken it twice a day for a good while but I'm not really sure how much it's doing as I'm also on zoloft but it does have some effect.
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It was totally useless for me. Started at 5mg, went up to 15mg a day. It made me feel dizzy for 20 minutes or so.
Not only it didn't help my anxiety, but it made me dull and a bit depressed and even more anxious. When I stopped it cold turkey, I felt euphoric the first 2 days, my anxiety was very reduced and felt happy again.
Won't touch this medicine again. I'll stuck at my Kpins.
This drug is only good when you stop it.
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I've been on it for 3wks now, lots of mood swings.

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garbage imo. don't waste your time!
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Just thought I'd add my experience. Started on 15mg the first week and went up to 30mg the next. I'm on week three, and I don't feel a difference from when I started in terms of anxiety. If anything, I'm slightly more irritable. I'll give this one (maybe) another month.
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I was on 15mg BuSpar 2x daily for residual panic disorder resulting from benzodiazepine withdrawal. It helped, slowly but surely. It did reach a point, though, where it simply did not work, even at doses of 60mg daily. Overall I would not recommend this medication. It felt like I was forcing myself to feel nauseous for no reason, even months into treatment.
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started taking this two weeks ago. i can already tell it has an effect. the "fight or flight" system doesn't seem to go into effect and even if i get anxiety, i don't seem to get the physical symptoms which is what i have such a huge problem with. this kinda just.. smooths everything over. makes me super sleepy though, i'm hoping that will wear off with time. also severe drop in appetite, which i'm a-ok with seeing as i seem to have an outrageous appetite 90% of the time.
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Buspirone and alcohol

Hi! I realise this thread isn't very active, but I thought I might try anyway. I've just started on Buspirone yesterday, so can't say much about the effect it's having on my anxiety, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with drinking and buspirone. I'm not planning on cutting alcohol out of my life as a mechanism, so it would be good to know how to balance the two. In general, do not take with alcohol, which is straightforward, and I won't. But I'm wondering, is it enough for me to just not take it that day when I plan on drinking? Or do I need to stay of it long before? Or could I just lower my dose that day, perhaps?

If anyone has any input, I'd really appreciate it. More general stuff too, if anyone's got experience with other drugs and drinking.

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