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Besides a stomach ache and a slight loss of reaction time, nothing at all. I played guitar hero and couldn't beat most of the easy songs when I was on this stuff.

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This med had zero effect on me, I took it for 3+ months.
Waste of time.

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Originally Posted by metallicafan69 View Post
You do realize that it is completely different than xanax and when you stated it didn't do anything, and you tried drinking grapefruit juice is just ridiculous and shows your immaturity to make it 30x stronger. This medication is nothing LIKE xanax, it is a completely different medication and it takes 1-2 weeks to even begin a initial effect on SA. God so much ignorance and dumb people.. Seriously drinking grapefruit juice on BuSpar? Are you as dull as I think?
this was really unecessary to call people names... if you are so smart, maybe your medications are not properly prescribed if you feel as though that was appropiate. not starting a fight, just saying...
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Been on Buspar for 5 weeks now. I have bad generalized anxiety and SA. Buspar has definitely helped. My anticipation anxiety is much better and there is a great reduction or even elimination of those nasty anxiety spikes when my mind turns for no reason to painful thoughts or worries. SA is a bit better. For me this drug saws off the top of my anxiety. I just never reach those same extreme heights that I used to. This is effective in SA because it prevents getting to the panic stage. Positive social interactions promote others.

Side effects for the first 3 days were brutal. Severe depression, greater anxiety. I knew there would be some side effects so I just hit the couch and cowboyed up. Now I get really jittery in between doses. The drug makes me a little jittery (but not anxious) all the time, make sure you take your last dose way before bed (I take it late afternoon) I take 15mgs 2x daily. Good luck everybody. You're not alone.
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Well, a complete waste of my money as it didn't do **** for me. Luckily there's always klonopin

Rivatril 4mg
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Buspar has also been helpful to me. I have been on it for almost 3 weeks now. Side effects when I first started included mild GI discomfort, nausea, and very bad insomnia.

Now I'm able to talk to people more easily in social settings. Plus I now leave my house almost everyday and I don't mind being around people as much.

I take Buspar 10mg PO BID. Buspar isn't very effective for those that have been on benzodiazepines for a long time.
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Could this be what is keeping me from losing weight? I gained an excessive amount of weight over the last year and a half between bad habits and medications. I have started watching what I eat, drink, and do. But, it's not working. I have to have some kind of anxiety medication to take with my anti-depressant, or I won't be able to function. But, if the Buspar has something to do with my weight, I am going to have to try something else. Any ideas?
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Buspar did not work for me, I wanted something fast so I thought benzo would do the trick uummm benzo is addicting so I only take it selectively....

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Originally Posted by MBL View Post
This med had zero effect on me, I took it for 3+ months.
Waste of time.

I'd like to try it, but I'm worried about wasting my time as well. I've heard it takes a few months to even start working, and it usually only works on about 50% of people. Thus, you have to wait at least 3 months to make any conclusions. I guess it's worth a shot.

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I've been on Buspar for quite a few years now. Every time I think its not working, I stop taking it and my anxiety comes back with a vengeance. My pdoc pushed my dose to the maximum 90mg/day and it amplified my anger to horrendous levels, so I've since backed off and am now taking 60mg/day. The only side effect that I experience is drowsiness, which unfortunately hasn't worn off since I have to take it twice a day.

ETA Supposedly Buspar doesn't work as well for those who have already been on benzo's. I wouldn't know since I started taking benzo's after I started taking Buspar. However, I think it gets a bad rap since it does take a while to build up in your system, and doesn't give that IMMEDIATE (sedating) relief that a benzo does. Rather, it is more subtle.

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I have been taking the Buspar for several months now. I feel like its not really helping at times, but when I don't take it, I can tell that I need to take it. I am way more irritable and anxious without my Buspar. I take 45 mg a day. Doesn't seem to be strong enough to really help with my social issues but it does make me less irritable and anxious. It just seems to calm me down a little. I don't know what it would be like for a medication to actually help me enough that I could be social without too much discomfort.
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Gave me headaches and made me eat heaps
in a word Useless

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Just prescribed Buspar...

Hi All,

I'm new to this forum! Glad I found it though - I could really use the support network forums such as these provide.

So, basically all my issues with clinical depression, Anorexia and GAD began when I was 16. Now, I'm 25 so I'll try to give the short version....

I've been effectively treating my severe depression for years now with Effexor XR 300mg - it has been a lifesaver in keeping my depression in check, but unlike the claim it also helps treat anxiety, I have not found that to be the case.

In order to treat my anxiety, I was put on Xanax 0.5mg to start. Unfortunately, I seem to have a very HIGH tolerance to medication and it did nothing for me. The dose was increased to 1mg and for maybe a week that worked. Alas, with such drugs in the benzo family, tolerance can build quickly and can be highly addictive....I was one of those whose tolerance built quickly AND became addicted too. In order to treat my level of anxiety I'm at the point where I have to take up to 10+mg spread throughout the day to feel any effect. Obviously, this is not desirable, healthy or something I want for myself.

Which brings me to the appointment I just had today with a new psychiatrist who prescribed Buspar for me to try. I had heard of it before, but know nothing about it (except from what I've now read on the internet). I haven't filled the prescription yet and I'm a little hesitant based on the reviews on how it's helped other people.....

While I know everyone is different and will chemically react different to all prescriptions, it seems that there have been more "useless" claims then it actually being really effective. I'm worried because I'll be paying the full amount for the script (thanks to my ridiculously high health insurance deductible) and I'm unemployed at the moment and don't want to waste money on something that turns out to be basically a sugar pill.

Any advice? I think I just need my nerves calmed because right now I'm battling - do I fill it or do I not? Do I tell my psychiatrist I want to try something else? Oh, and battling anorexia, I tend to get REALLY freaked out when people report gaining weight as a side effect.....HELP!
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Buspar appears to have gotten a bad rap from a lot of you. It's personally been fairly useful to me for the last few years. I have tried a few of the SSRIs and never found any of them that great other than at making me yawn a lot (among other unfortunate side effects). Buspar, on the other hand, is much less intrusive on your system, from my experience, but the effects are fairly short lived (half-life of only about 3 hours). The docs will prescribe between 10mg to 30mg twice a day, but I've discovered that taking even 10mg in a single dose just makes you feel sluggish, a little brain-zappy, fatigued, foggy, etc. If you cut the pills in half, and take 5mg every couple of hours it helps considerably more for social and general anxiety without any of the aforementioned side-effects (at least for me anyways).

There really aren't any side effects to it that I've noticed, unless you just stop taking it cold -- then a couple days later you'll get a little brain-zappy for a few days, then it just goes away and you're back to baseline. The only drawback (and this could really be a deal-breaker for some) is that for it to be effective, you really need to take it often. That's not always convenient, it sure isn't for me, but if you've had bad luck with SSRIs, don't feel like getting addicted to benzos, and want to try something that works for at least a few of us, give it a go.

Also, couple it with propranolol a couple times daily and you're in even better shape. Just a tip
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My originalDoc, who has passed away, was giving me Serzone 150mg twice a day for depression, anxiety, social phobia, PTSD

My mom's Doc in the hospital said Buspar was a miracle drug and he gave it to all his patients 40 mg a day to my mom

Told my new doc this cut Serzone in half, added 10mg of Buspar 2x a day when I asked for 10mg of Buspar 3 times a day he sent me to a shrink, who said do not waste your money Buspar only works at doses of 60mg a day or more
And told me to stop taking Buspar and go back to my original dose of Serzone

primary physician afraid of 30 mg of Buspar a day psychiatrist less than 60 mg a day useless Don't physician's communicate?
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Buspar actually gave me anxiety attacks.
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Added this medication as an "antidepressant augmenter" to my 187.5 mg daily dosage of venlafaxine (SNRI antidepressant) to try and increase its antidepressant/anxiolytic effects.

Wasn't on it for very long started with 5mg twice daily and worked up to 15mg twice daily for a few weeks. Only stayed at the 30mg dosage for about a week before deciding that it was definitely making me feel a whole lot worse. Maybe more depressed but definitely a whole lot more anxious. I was just starting a new job and it almost halted my progress, didn't answer anyones calls that weekend either. Anyways tapered back down and am feeling a whole lot better, not to say I'm doing that well but just in comparison.

Didn't work out for me!
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Horrible ****. I tried to abuse some of this stuff a LONG time ago, as it's listed for anxiety, and it just made me feel like I was a little dizzy and sick.

Horrrribbbbbllleeee. Stick to the xanax / valium / kpins. Benzos + barbituates ftw.
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think I'm gonna try busapro for GAD. I'll let ya'll know how it goes.
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Psychiatrist put me on Buspar about 15 years ago, when I had mild SA. I don't know if it was Buspar or something else, but while on Buspar, my SA got severe and has been severe ever since.

I had this neck twitching thing constantly for awhile when on it. That's when I first got introduced to benzos, which stopped the twitching, but I've been addicted and a slave to benzos ever since. Trying to taper off benzos now.

So, I can at least say it didn't work and possibly made things worse and got me addicted to benzos.
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