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Trazodone (also sold under the brand names Desyrel, Oleptro, Beneficat, Deprax, Desirel, Molipaxin, Thombran, Trazorel, Trialodine, Trittico, and Mesyrel) is an antidepressant of the serotonin antagonist and reuptake inhibitor (SARI) class. Trazodone also has anxiolytic (antianxiety), and hypnotic effects. Trazodone has considerably less prominent anticholinergic (dry mouth, constipation, tachycardia) and sexual side effects than most of the tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs).

More info:User ratings/reviews:
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Trazodone works great for sleep, but that's about all it did for me. I was on it for I think about 9 months. It didn't work for depression. I had to stop taking it because of priapism. I worked my way up from around 25 mg to 300 mg.

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I'm on Trazodone right now, but it's prescribed as a sleep aid at the 50mg level. At higher doses it's used as an antidepressant.
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It used to be used to treat cocaine addication....thats what it started as I believe. I also used to take it for sleep, until it no longer worked.
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50mg of a night for sleep. Works like a charm.
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Man it made me so hungry before bed it was unreal i would eat bowl after bowl after... of cereal and still be hungry yes it did get me sleep thou had to up my dose up to 150mg, not addictive and you dont realy build up a tollanace as you would do to propper sleepers major downside is the "hangover effect" which your body becomes use to after a while but you don't realize how bad it was till you stop taking trazadone since iv stoped its given me a whole new lease of life, its was the trazadone which was making me lifeless and lazy the next day thou again not as bad as other drugs I've tried from sleep

overall nowhere near as bad as the "Z drugs" i.e zopiclone...

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it sounds great for sleep now is it available in new zealand and australia? probably not

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this is one all-italian medication (along with delorazepam) and it came out in the 60's. It's used basically as an augmentation to other major antidepressants, for its low incidence on the SerT. I took it 50mg in combination with paroxetine 20mg and it was quite good, I felt more bright and it gave some more sex drive than paroxetine alone but it didn't make me sleep at all (well I can't say that it kept me awake but it didn't knock me out). I tried to raise it to 100mg but this dosage gave me severe nausea and I had retches all day.

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Prn: Provigil (modafinil) 200mg, Lioresal (baclofen) 25mg, Samyr Sam-e 400mg tablets and ampoules, Rivotril (clonazepam) 2mg, lormetazepam 2mg
Bad Rx: fluvoxamine, asenapine, bupropion

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Had a couple bad trips on that one, and nearly lost my identity taking it. Makes you feel sleepy and then you fall asleep and have colorful 3D vivid visual hallucinations and nightmares, your mouth is dry and you shake uncontrollably. I would say, better not, but if it works for you, it's fine.
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I take 50mg of Trazodone at night. It works perfectly for insomnia. I'm completely in control of my sleeping habits. I go to bed when I want to go to bed and I never wake up in the night. It's hard to say whether it affects me in the day because I'm normally a very tired person anyway.
It doesn't do anything for my depression or SA, etc.
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On the 50 mg for sleep. Very strange, maybe one in seven times I take it I feel no effect, as if I hadn't taken it. When it does work it takes about 10 minutes to kick in and works wonderfully.

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I've been on this stuff for 2 years, I take 300mg a night, puts me to sleep great, but does little else, my doctor is currently looking at another med for me.
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Tried trazodone for about a week. It helps with sleep quite a bit but I would wake up some days paralyzed for about 10-20 minutes(can't remember the technical term for it) and I also had vivid nightmares on it.
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one of the better meds to help you sleep and thats about all its good for but weight gain was still an issue as was always wondering down stairs half a sleep eating whatever i could find which made me seem like a bottomless pit. Maybe a little groggy in the morning but not really any other side effects thou Thankfully those days are long behind me and i don't need to rely on this to get me to sleep.

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Originally Posted by borbiusle View Post
Tried trazodone for about a week. It helps with sleep quite a bit but I would wake up some days paralyzed for about 10-20 minutes(can't remember the technical term for it) and I also had vivid nightmares on it.
Sleep paralysis.
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I started on 50mg to help sleep. I would wake up every night @ 3AM. Increased to 100mg and now I can sleep until 6AM.
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Trazodone is by far the most sedating substance I've ever come across. It doesn't merely help you sleep -- it's knocks you out cold. This comes as the highest endorsement from a man who finds almost nothing to be sedating.

It's also dirt cheap, being on the $4 generic list at Walmart & Target.

Problem: small risk it could cause priapism, a painful erection lasting more than 4 hours. Priapism is a medical emergency. Does any guy, especially one with SA, want to go to the ER for a boner?

How is priapism treated? It may require surgery -- cutting your favorite body part!

What can priapism result in? Permanent impotence!

Well, my pdoc did a highly effective job of scaring me away from trazodone. He says he's never actually had it happen to any of his patients, though I sure don't want to be the first for him.

My pdoc thinks it fine for females though. Really sucks to be a dude in this case.
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@UltraShy, too much panic. IMO it is not as dangerous as you think - priapism is usually removed using blood thinning medicines. And even is surgery is required, I think it is no more dangerous than any other simple treatment

In my leaflet for Trittico (one trade name for Trazodone) it is written that priapism happens for one patient per 8 thousand who take it. Personally, I am taking it for 4 months now and it did not happen to me.

The other thing is I am not sure is it really working. I take 50mg "for a sleep". On the beginning - let's say, the first week - it really made me very sleepy in less than hour after taking. Anyway, later, it almost stopped working this way - until I started taking melatonin, I had nights when I was unable to fall asleep until 6AM

It is hard to say if it really help in area of depression, but I am going to continue taking it until my doctor says me to stop.
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Hello! My Dr. took me off Xanax, and put me on 50 mg, to sleep at night. It works great, and also works like a strong pain killer for the arthritis in my neck. I sleep well. The only think about Trazodone, is that it makes me bleed in the morning, when I used the bathroom. I wonder why it causes this. Thanks, for any help you may want to share.
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I have used this for sleep. Helped me to fall asleep when my mind would normally wonder and keep me up.

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