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Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine)

Lisdexamphetamine (sold as Vyvanse) is a psychostimulant prodrug of the phenethylamine and amphetamine chemical classes.

Lisdexamfetamine is indicated for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children six to twelve years and in adults as an integral part of a total treatment program that may include other measures (i.e. psychological, educational, social). The safety and efficacy of lisdexamfetamine dimesylate in patients three to five years old have not been established.

As opposed to Adderall, which contains roughly 75% dextroamphetamine and 25% levoamphetamine, lisdexamfetamine is a single-enantiomer (dextro) amphetamine formula. This pure formulation may reduce side effects, but certain individuals exhibit a better clinical response to the mixed isomer preparation.

More info:User ratings/reviews:
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Started taking Vynase after going to a new nurse practitioner. I take 50mg now, alongside (currently) 200mg Zoloft, and 1mg of clonezapram, which I started taking very recently to deal with anxiety.

I've never tried any medication for ADD before, due to never thinking I had it, but it worked miracles for me. I'm more alert, I feel able to take on personal household projects where I used to just chide myself for being too 'lazy' to do them, and I wasn't as constantly sleepy.

I also did not suffer from insomnia, though this may be more to do with the fact that whatever negative effects it had, after taking care of the reason I had that bad insomnia, was far less.

I have never felt what a crash is like, but I don't seem to feel anything akin to that on medication.

The big downside is that it can be expensive, but the drug has been too perfect for me to attempt to try something cheaper. To help with costs, you can sign up for a discount card, akin to ones you'd use at grocery stores. The call-in number is to an automated machine, so you can listen to the terms before you feel comfortable agreeing.
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Originally Posted by Kinos Journey View Post
Started taking Vynase after going to a new nurse practitioner. I take 50mg now, alongside (currently) 200mg Zoloft, and 1mg of clonezapram, which I started taking very recently to deal with anxiety.
How long do you find a Vyvanse dose to last?
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It's actually hard to tell. Maybe it's because I've never taken other stimulants before or because my ADD is subtle in scope, but 50 mg just seemed to work long enough that I've never noticed if there's a 'down' period. If there is, I'm usually about ready for bed anyway. I do know that it's working, however, so, I count my blessings. For someone with different or more severe manifestations of ADD, or someone with ADHD, it may be a different story.
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Are you still taking it? Have you experienced any of its side effects?
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I find Vyvanse to work up to 10 hours on most days.
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I take vyvanse.
50mg once a day.

I'm about to be dosed up, because like all medications, once your body becomes used to it, it no longer works anymore.

It has a typical 8 hour release, but I've found that it only works for 4 hours with me.

However, I over medicate to 100mg - 300mg a day.
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im on vyvanse 40 right now, though may be going higher soon. i like vyvanse because i haven't experienced the side effects that i did while i was on ritalin (jitteriness, anxiety, etc.). overall i like vyvanse.
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I am on 70mg Vyvanse
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I've upped my dosage since my last post, due to my body developing a tolerance for it. I think it's helped me in making me realize the behaviors that led to my diagnosis.
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I was on 50 mg of vyvanse. For an ectomorph with a rare thyroid disease like me i feel like my increased metabolism speeds up what should be a 12 hour lasting drug. I definitely get a high on it and i do say that it allows me to feel like I'm walking on cloud 9. It's great when it works. However like with every up there is a down and boy did i come down after those highs. It definitely balanced out the ecstasy i felt on the medication at it's peak capacity. I stopped taking it because it only effectively lasted four hours for me and i didn't want to become dependent on the drug for blissful feelings mid day then fall victim to spells of depression at night. It's the only stimulant i've tried and i'd like to give dexedrine a shot soon because it's shown signs of working effectively for my family members.
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On 50 mg right now with 20 mg for a boost if I need it, but I feel better when I take just take two 20s or a 20 and some Adderall.

I'm going to talk to my doctor and try to titrate down to 30-40 mg with a 5 mg Dexedrine.

Honestly, I never felt better than when I took Dexedrine twice a day. It hit quick and felt good until right before time for the next dose. Vyvanse is basically a different delivery system for Dexedrine, but I just don't like how it starts slow and lasts so long it keeps me up. It beats the hell out of Adderall though.
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Its weird i mean i feel like some adhd drugs do help anxiety but in another way they make it worse like if your in a social anxiety situation your adhd drug can help your brain just focus on less then everything around u
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I have just recently started treatment for ADHD. Obviously, I also have very bad SA. My neuro told me my SA might clear by treating the ADHD. So far, no. I started on Vyvanse at 40 mg. Nothing. No improvements. Went up to 50. Nothing. Went up to 60 and 70. Anxiety but no improvements. LOTS of anxiety. Like, run and hide and curl up in a ball and cry anxiety. On top of that, around 6 hours after taking it I would get REALLY sleepy and desperately need a nap. I don't usually nap. I usually have plenty of energy. So, that was weird. Anyways, it didn't work for me for anything. Lots of other people have great results with it, though.
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works for me and I had concerta max dosage wear off. so I dont know long term as I have only been taking a few months but I like the fact I get my appetite back! (concerta made me not hungry)
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