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beyond RITALIN

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I take Adderral XR and the benefits on the concentration make me feel better because I can focus which increases my confidence.
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Reposed in awesomeness...
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Originally Posted by ann10 View Post
read my blog review on the book "beyond ritalin" true story!
spam alert!

I am currently reposed on a stratum of my own pure abstract awesomeness(cubed)...

Diphenidine and ethylphenidate FTW!

Social anxiety can bite my arse...
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I can't give an official review because I only tried methylphenidate twice. My gf was taking them, and she gave me 1 per day for two consecutive days. The dose was whatever the largest Concerta timed release pill was. It might have been 50mg or something like that.

I felt really good for the first few hours, and I got a lot of work done.

After the first few hours, it was overwhelming. My mind was racing in every direction and I couldn't think clearly. I had a very strong craving for alcohol while this was going on. It was definitely not a fun experience.

Special Considerations:
My gf had an intense manic/psychotic episode on methylphenidate. She wasn't abusing it or anything. She's just one of those people who follows the dosage instructions even if the dosage is far too much. Treat this drug with respect! You don't want to end up in the psych ward of the hospital for observation.
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To all of you who are suffering off bad Ritalin comedown, try Lamotrigine combined with it, it helped me a lot, also for my GAD.

"Wanting to be someone else is waste of the person you are."

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I switched from Ritalin to Dexamphetamine about 3 months ago. Both increase anxiety levels, but Ritalin made me more edgy and I would be like a zombie by the end of the day. I have tried dex with Xanax, and it is the most calm, confident and stable I've felt in public since diapers. Ultimate goal obviously is to feel this way naturally, but one needs to function in the meantime.
Hopefully the 'fake it 'til u make it' theory works, I'm apprehensive though as substances discount the feeling of personal success. Sigh.
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Originally Posted by Gregory House View Post
To all of you who are suffering off bad Ritalin comedown, try Lamotrigine combined with it, it helped me a lot, also for my GAD.
This is very interesting. I send you a private message!
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I start this in a few days
Probably should have been treated for ADD a long time ago...
Years of no effect at all from AD's in all classes left me feeling so hopeless. It's a shame on the system that I can pay thousands of dollars on drugs and psychologist but nobody picked up the obvious.

Crunchy niplz
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Ritalin first 3 months

I had been taking Concerta for a few years until this January. With the Concerta I had managed to get a 2.8 GPA last Quarter and then this Quarter, with the Ritalin I got a 4.29
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ritalin's weired side effects

hi there, i am a 20 years old student with add diacnose since im 10,
onely recently started to use ritalin and i noticed that when ever i use it much more girls find me attractive some how, i have no idea what but i know that suddenly alots of girls hit on me while i use ritalin, onely proublem.. when the ritalin stop to work so this thing.. /:
someone please can answer me what might be the reaseons for that sitoitione..
is it common affect of the ritalin..?, how meddicatione for focouse affect like this....? really comfuse, and need for help http://www.socialanxietysupport.com/...smilies/no.gif
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i have used this drug for 3 months and at the beginning it worked well for me. But later on this drug gives me an incredible anger and i quit it.
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Methylphenidate (Ritalin) and Overactive Sex Drive

Before I ask my question I need to explain why I'm asking:

I don't have ADD or ADHD, but I, like a lot of other students out there who don't have ADD or ADHD take Methylphenidate
(or some other form of ADD or ADHD medication) to help them focus and study for exams.

hen I need to concentrate I will pop a 20mg Methylphedate (I've only began doing this for about 3 weeks). I don't take this medication every day, only when I need to study for exams, and I never take more than 20mg in a day.

The problem I am having is:

It does help me to focus, however it also comes with an odd side effect....it makes me very horny
to the point that I can't concentrate because I am too horny. I can masturbate a lot when I take this medication; it's like the horny-ness is never satisfied.

I know this medication is a stimulant. Stimulants can create a strong sex drive in people, like Methylphenidate does to me. However, I used to have a bad cocaine & crack-cocaine addiction (Clean for 8 years) and a lot of people that I used to get high with have told me that they got horny from cocaine, but I NEVER did. All I wanted to do was talk to people.

My question is:

"Why does Methylphenidate make me ubber horny and what is in Methylphenidate that gives me an over active sex drive, but cocaine never did

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Been given Ritalin from my docter a long time ago, I couldn't stand the insomnia and drowsiness I got from it. luckily I see im not alone here and no I do not get horney from this medicine. nowadays I take l-theanine with caffeine to get the exact same positive effects without the negative effects of Ritalin. Here is a quick comparison of the two hopefully this makes some of my mumbeling clear
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Ritalin (methylphenidate)

I am on methylphenidate and I am mildly autistic . it help me focus in school
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Originally Posted by Belshazzar View Post
Ritalin/methylphenidate has been a miracle drug for me. I think this is because my ADHD-I has in part caused my SA. It's helped in three ways:
1. I actually process what people are saying to me -- I zone out far less so I don't have to just nod in agreement as if I actually heard what was said.
2. I'm concentrating on the other person. Before, I would spend half my energy listening and the other half wondering "Am I being friendly? Does he think I'm an ***? Is there a huge piece of spinach in my teeth?"
3. I'm less hypoactive. I feel more energetic and more willing to engage people in actual conversations rather than spitting out monosyllabic responses.
OMG thats quite the same kind of SA i get !! Also i have a feeling of being less of a person and unable to be seen as equal to the eyes of others but mostly wow...

Despite that i have passed ADD test twice and was tested negative twice altho my verbal comprehension skills and cognitive skills are far beyond my memory and information process speed which can be a sign of ADD hidden by unusual intellectual abillity ( i know it sounds like i have a big ego but when every doctors you meet tells you that, you can only accept talking about it as a normal thing).

Do you think theres any possibility to treat that kind of anxiety without ADD medication because taking ADD medication all you life can have pretty intense negative effects on both emothional and cognitive funcions.. Im seeking about a way of not finding everyone boaring and to be actually able to talk to normal people and find a conversation pleasent even if the conversation is full of useless talk.
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I got ADD used to take 54mg concerta now 36mg.
It defenitly helps with social anxiety to an extend but if I take 54mg or 20mg ritalin at once my generalized anxiety disorder gets worse and also social anxiety I notice I get more talkactive around people but very nervous talkactive have the feeling that my increased talkactive stems from being nervous on the drug. so I lowered my dose to 36mg concerta and take later at the day 5mg ritalin, combined with some L-theanine and its perfect not feeling on edge anymore, just enough dopamine for concentration and social anxiety not enough that makes you nervous and because of that even more anxious around people.
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Ritalin really changed me, i can now concentrate much more. For me it was a very good experience and i really feel that it has effected me.
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to nervous & edgy on ritalin to many side effects and got worse with each redose I took, switched to dextro and feel much better same side effects but milder
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a small dose of ritalin with a cup of coffee works unbelievably good for self confidence, of course if you are an anxious person like me in general you'll have some anxiety, but not the social one. the self confidence is guaranteed with these two. some days ago i tried Klonopin with Ritalin and at least for me is the best cure for my social anxiety i've found. as someone mentioned on another reply, attention problems do worsen social anxiety massively.
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Ritalin is amazing. Works pretty well for me though it's an ADHD medication. 1 pill a day before going to work. That's it. I stay sharp all day and sleep well at night. Doesn't matter what medication you are on, you need to be able to control yourself. increase dosage and you'll be in trouble.
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