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what i seem to be dealing with is strange because ive always been really good at everything i try, i set goals for myself, i know where i want to be, what i want to do, but something holds me back from being the best i can be. ive achieved my dream job, i was captain of my field hockey team in high school, just cant hold on to the dreams for too long till the depression comes back again........i quit jobs within the first week. i feel like ive had chronic severe depression my whole life basically. now the anxiety gets worse because i can question things for myself as an adult, i realllllllly do not belive in modern medicine to treat anxiety or depression or whatever social anxiety. i belive it is something that we have basically created in our own minds, with a little bit of environment influence, or possibly the way we are point is, i fully support a natural approach to mental illness, but adderal could possibly help save my life. i have no addiction problems, i dont even take anything now, just feeling the feels. not sure what im suppose to do anymore. i feel stuck most the time anyways.

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I took Adderall I good part of my childhood for Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. I took it until I entered college because I got used to concentrate. I just recall that I was very wired as to concentrate.

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Adderall has helped my ADHD and thus gave me the added bonus of being able to learn coping skills/social skills and focus on my own aspirations and goals.

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Is there any chance of getting hold of it in the UK for academic purposes?
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Great medication. It improves my mood and makes me feel awake, but not hyper. I'm calm, but not wanting to fall asleep all the time. Take it really early, or you'll have a lot of trouble falling asleep. I lost my appetite big time on this, though. I do not want to eat anything at all. Also sometimes this med makes me shaky.

One last thing, I very highly recommend not drinking any alcohol on this medication. You could get really sick like I did. Not hungover, worse.

If I lose too much weight on this my doc will take me off of it, but I don't really mind. I'm a little traumatized from that alcohol episode to even take it normally lol.
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Made me drowsy. :/

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This pill makes me want to live
I'd like to talk with others here who take it
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I don't take Adderall but I do use meth

It helps me stay awake and play video games. Otherwise, I don't see any benefits from using it.
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I had to stop taking it for financial reasons.
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Originally Posted by tea111red View Post
I had to stop taking it for financial reasons.
Is it in the USA ?
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Originally Posted by InIsrahell View Post
Is it € in the USA ?
With the cost of the med, my insurance, and my psychiatrist I was paying close to $340 a month just to have it to take. It was worth the money, I just could not afford it anymore due to a job ending and my income dropping to nothing as a result.

I'm really hoping I can start getting a decent income soon so I can get back on it again.
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How do you think, will it be helpful for bipolar depression with psychomotor retardation (sluggish thougts, slow thinking), apathy, anergy ?
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I got my doctor to prescribed me Adderall when I went back to university because I have very bad procrastination and motivation problems. It's near impossible for me to start anything that makes me bored and when I do start I am constantly distracted. However, when I took the Adderall I didn't expect it to lift my social anxiety and depression. When I'm on 15mg I become energetic and extroverted. I have no problem initiating conversation with people and I immediately get a happier outlook on life. My doctor prescribed me 1 tab every morning with food but I only take it once in a while when I feel like I really need it because the side effects make me feel sick. I get hot and sweaty, I feel jittery and "hopped up" when I take Adderall. Also, it makes me feel nauseous if I don't eat enough and I won't sleep at night unless I take it early in the morning. Adderall's SA lifting effects also don't last all day. By the end of the day I feel tired and sick and I just want to lay down but I won't be able to sleep. I've been taking it on/off for a few months and so far it hasn't lost its effectiveness. Ironically, Adderall hasn't help me with my motivation and procrastination or even concentration. It might be because I don't take it everyday like I'm suppose to and I've been thinking I will start to just to see if it will help my original purpose but I'm worried about the effects of taking Adderall everyday for a long term; especially since I'm not sure if I have ADD/ADHD or if it's just depression causing my severe procrastination.

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Garbage, I tried amphetamine many times, MAOIs, Phenibit and 100 other things -- everything is garbage except minimum help from high dose opioids. , im in bed around 95% of the time generally and randomly yell out in suffering and never felt ok in my life, never held a job and never functioned in any way. Thousands of positive efforts had no effect and i cant stand life its torture since birth
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