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I was on this drug for over 6 years. I started at 30 mg and was bumped up to 60 mg. I was taking it for depression, and it worked wonders for a year and a half. I felt very social and happy. The biggest physical side effects I experienced were sweating, weight loss, and I found it challenging to focus.

Once it stopped working my psychologist bumped me up to 90 mg, and added lamictal. That stopped working, so I decided to quit both.

The withdrawal symptoms included nightmares, brain zaps, vertigo, difficult word retrieval, weight gain, ANXIETY, irritability, concentration problems, rapid body temperature changes
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I am so thankful for cymbalta. I have fibromyagia, as well as GAD, and for me, this is a wonderdrug. It may not work for everybody, but O M G, it's made a world of difference for my pain and depression. as far as anxiety goes, i'm honestly not sure if the cymbalta is helping with that or not as i'm on other meds too. I've stopped using pain killers due to addiction, and stopped benzos as well. I've noticed HUGE improvement in my pain problems!! I started on 30mg like i think 3 years ago and my new psych just raised me to 60mg. I've not noticed any bad side effects other than a little drowsiness when used in combo with my other meds. but cymbalta alone, really doesn't bother me at all. love it.

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i've been on cymbalta for two years, the initial side effects lasted about 1-3 months and then vanished. it worked perfectly, kept me from suicidal thoughts, and i made progress trying to move my life forward. however it stopped working this past year and i'm currently weaning off of it. withdrawal is awful - headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, some slurred speech, sudden depressive symptoms and thoughts of suicide, mood swings.. looking forward to getting off of it 100%
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I had cymbalta for three days. It was horrible. I felt dizzy and I couldn't stop shaking. I also had a lot of headaches. I felt like I was on Mars or something.

I don't know what I'm doing.
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I'm currently on Cymbalta, and I think it might be helping slightly. Unfortunately, it has the devastating side effect of making me wake up at 5:30 in the morning. I think I'll be trying something else.

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I got prescribed Cymbalta after switching it with Prozac and even though the side effects were slightly less severe, I still experienced no improvement on my mood. I also got it prescribed for neuropathic pain but saw no difference on a physical level. I am now off it as well and I've had a HORRIBLE withdrawal syndrome with extreme drowsiness, headaches, and such, I'm doing slightly better now but I'm yet to find a molecule that works well with my depressive-like symptoms (along with my physical symptoms).

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