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Windows Media Player freezes up now

Anybody have any idea? Maybe I should reinstall it? It's my preferred program to use. I using hate iTunes. I can't even load my library into it, it seems. It only has a certain amount of songs in it... not everything in my main music folder. I imported my music folder into it but it doesn't seem like they are there.

Also, I have a question about iTunes. I have My Shared Folder in my C drive. That's where my music is. But iTunes has it's own library with a lot of the songs in My Shared Folder. I guess every single time a new song is opened in iTunes, it copies it into the iTunes folder? What's going on? It's really confusing. I don't want dual copies of anything on my computer. I'm thinking of uninstalling it and just using WinAmp for now on, like I did a long time ago. I don't know, the more I think about this stuff the more confusing it is. I just want to listen to music, but not on iTunes... ever.

And another thing... Firefox. Ever since the update it freezes all of the time, even while I was typing this. Sure, it has that restore feature, but f--- that. I don't want my browser to freeze up. In fact, I can almost predict when it's going to.
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What version of Media Player. If you've updated to MP 11 it seems to use a lot of memory. I had it at work and my PC had 1gb of ram. It was slow to respond. I went back to using 10.

I just checked My iTunes and it just looks at the music in it's original location . It does create a library but that is si,ply a database with all the music and file information in it. I believe that there are some file formats that won't play on an iPod so won't show up in iTunes

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re: Windows Media Player freezes up now

Yeah, I do have 11. I think I will go back to 10.

I've also heard about people going back to Firefox 1.5 because of the problems with the latest version.

Thanks for clarifying the iTunes thing, too.
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