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Originally Posted by W00DBINE View Post
Usually buy Samsung, just got the A21s and I'm liking it.
Same one. No complaints.

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Socializing with myself
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Moto G Power copped it during Black Friday on Amazon for $219 with 10 dollar and 5 dollar discount.

I'm still using Moto G6 that I got last year from Walmart for $110. The smartphone is graudally becoming slow during heavy usage.

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This time I got an iPhone, mostly because it was part of an offer I got from the carrier. So far I'm happy with it, but I haven't learned how to do everything yet vs my old one.
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I'm starting to doubt the safety of Samsung phones. (my phone still overheats), but a couple of days I accidently slept with the phone under my pillow, I woke up in the middle of the night with the phone as hot as a stove. (No apps were on). I got a little worried since I thought this kind of eat could've set my bed on fire or something. (It was so hot I had to turn it off completely).

Don't remember when I started this thread, but I've been wanting to buy a new phone for at least a year and change.
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Self isolating from self
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I guess it would be Samsung if any, but I only bought one last time because I got a good deal on it. In my experience Samsung phones tend to have battery/power issues after a few years.

Setup progress now at 100% capacity.
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I bought a Samsung A41 and I like it.
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Sony. It does what I want it to do, although I'm more of a computer guy.
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Just got a Samsung s20 ultra, loving the battery life so far.
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Google Pixel, somewhat reluctantly. It's not a bad phone, it's just that I hate how tech companies are making it harder and harder these days to have different products with different brands. Most of my stuff is already through Google, so it made the most sense for me to get a Google phone. Not wild about putting all my eggs in one basket like that, so to speak, but unfortunately it's more trouble than it's worth to not set things up that way.
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I tend to get a top of the line iPhone every couple of years. I do like it, but I've often thought about crossing over to Android since there's much more flexibility with what you can do, and I have a bunch of non-phone Android devices. Heck I even have the Bluestacks emulator on my touchscreen laptop - turning it into a giant tablet

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I just got an Oppo phone. I like it, but it's too big. But... it's hard to find small smartphones these days...

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