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Twitch streamer Reckful dead at 31

Died by suicide. I didn't know him but my brother told me about him as he watches a lot of Twitch, apparently he used to be the best rogue player in WoW and he was famous in Twitch, seems like he was financially well off and he didn't have a reason to kill himself so that got me more interested in his situation. There's a video series of 6 parts of him talking with a psychiatrist in Youtube in an online therapy session kind of setting, it's a good thing that they made those public videos, I'm watching this first part now:

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His twitch channel has the psychologist talking right now with his fans, it is in the chat tab. I think it is live, but I have never really used twitch.

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On wikipedia it says his older brother committed suicide when he was younger. That does seem to put one at higher risk... Money and fame really can't give lifelong happiness, too many examples of famous suicides.
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I remember watching Reckful in Japan with JAKENBAKELIVE. It's sad how the management program can make people commit such act. I get to that point at times, but learned that my environment is not at its natural rhythm.

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Never heard of the guy, but...

Originally Posted by Were View Post
seems like he was financially well off and he didn't have a reason to kill himself
Maybe he had a brain chemical imbalance? I don't really understand or identify much with celebs who kill themselves (must admit I don't have much empathy for people with loads of adoration/affirmation and money ($ = easy access to mental health resources)) but they obviously have some kind of reason.

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@tehuti88 I somehow ended up watching all of his videos with Dr. Kanojia (around 10 hours of video). The Dr. was friendly but useless, he's a buddhist and he was mostly recommending and teaching him meditation techniques.

Like most of those rich people he didn't have any legit reason to kill himself but there were some things that caused it: he was bipolar, he had a brother who killed himself when Reckful was 6 so he was traumatised by that and I think he wasn't on any medication (in one of his tweets he says that he's tried lithium before and he found life boring on it, also he was microdosing mushrooms).
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Originally Posted by Were View Post
Like most of those rich people he didn't have any legit reason to kill himself

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