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mechanicals & electronics

i care for their health, not humans

car experiment

solved today
a social side to everything. deeper
friend serviced my car - oil, etc. this car and last

only once, after we test engine when done, all OK

next day, potty, ridiculous noises - tappets.. onlookers terrified

i do drive locally with major construction projects happening - apartments, roadworks - those noises of engine are the same! STeel -to-steele!

many opinions of who did the service, `new engine!, a garage: Don't Drive!

nobody willing to tackle, repair. Y KNOT???!!! inept??
time always my enemy

want to experiment... see if it dies or keeps going for years. my paranoia or myths generated. should have kept using. so many months off road. want someone come with me for test drive to do phone for me for haulage. 50:50

today i had courage to it alone. one more feather to my cap. every journey since the noises started has gone perfectly. time creeping up on me.

today was great. tidying up all unwanted items at home - bike chainset replaced, old depleted lead acid batteries. not supermarket as waypoint, wanting not stressing engine. bike for groceries. car confidence. groceries ongoing. been bike too long.
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I did my own oil changes not too long ago

for my wife's xB, I bought plastic ramps so I wouldn't strain any neck muscles trying to get my head underneath her tiny car, ramps were scary but worked

4 quarts synthetic oil plus k&n oil filter

for my v8 tundra, the creeper worked great

but for next time, I need to buy a bigger oil drain pan and a lightweight jack for the heavy skid plate that strained my arm muscles

6 quarts synthetic mobil 1 oil plus k&n oil filter

both vehicles need to have their coolants drained flushed and refilled soon

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