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Same because I know I suck. Back in the day I was able to do more PVP and as a result I didn't suck. So having anxiety about sucking and then not playing as much makes me worse at the game cause I'm not playing, then I get more anxiety. I like games with single and multi player so I can practice before going online
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I also dislike pvp because it elevates my anxiety. Even though we're both behind a computer screen, I feel more vulnerable and if I lose, I feel self conscious. In Dark Souls 3 pvp, there were no chat bars but you could still do these damned gestures. That was enough capacity for social interaction that I quit pvp after just a couple of days.
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Problem fixed.

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I prefer to play single player games with a good story. But I've played a few multiplayer games in the past...some MMOs and I was into Overwatch for a long time. I can get pretty competitive, but I never feel comfortable using my mic.
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I tend to stick to single player games too. I suppose I'm really not all that competitive and just want to have fun playing games - don't really want to have other players complaining at me all the time because I'm not the best due to only playing casually.

Have tried a bunch of fps games online in the past but nothing stuck, most recently Overwatch but I like the style of that game more than playing the game itself. Never really got into MMOs and these days I'm more likely to just play co-op games if I do try to play any multiplayer games.
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I like playing multiplayer games and in some sense it helped me to get used to people. This is one of the few possibilities to communicate with other people for me because I'm not leaving my house very often.

I'm running away though nobody is chasing me.

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