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I am a horrible horrible slave to World Of Warcraft

I've done many recreational drugs, drank myself into a stupor for a long time, been a smoker, but none of that compares to world of warcraft for being horribly addictive. I have three level 60s. A priest thats decked out in full Molten Core gear that has about 70 days played on him (thats 70 actual full 24 hour days), a rogue that i use for pvp that has 35 days on him and a shaman with an unknown amount of time played on him but i bet its over 20.

Currently im leveling a mage to 60 for AOE farming and other shennanigans and raiding 4 days a week. If anyone cares i play on shadow council.

A little comic about WOW http://img137.imageshack.us/my.php?image=wow9ch.jpg
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I know what you mean. It's quite enticing. I have two 60s myself, both endgame equipped. One of them is a warlock with some serious damage gear. You DO NOT want to be hit by one of her shadowbolts.

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I heard they gonna riase the level cap in WoW to 70 (It's 60 now right?). Anyway, I play Final Fantasy XI, it's very addictive becuase it takes so long to get anywhere, plus most jobs cant solo well.
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Yes the new cap will be 70 once the expansion is released I believe.

I know how you feel about being a slave to WOW as well. I have only 1 lvl 60 because I work alot, but every spare chance I get I am on WOW playing a battleground and raiding weekends with my guild. I just cant get over how hard they make it for people to get the battleground epics!! If you work, kiss that opportunity goodbye!
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Re: I am a horrible horrible slave to World Of Warcraft

Thankfully i'm free of WoW atm.. but i had a 60 Paladin on the US Arthas server and a 60 Tauren Warrior on EU Emerald Dream (quit the US servers and started over). I wasted so much time in that game :\
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Got my account banned so I'm starting over on Emerald Dream again.
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42 tauren warrior, 28 tauren hunter and 8 troll shaman on boulderfist, lvl 10 mage on kel'thazud, the game takes way too much time if you want to lvl your professions and do battlegrounds, especially if you want to gain or even keep rank.

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I'm addicted too. Got 3 60s so far, as well as a 48, 20 and 10. Currently on the malfurion server. Dreading have to move later this month... a day or 2 without wow is going to be hard indeed.
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I'm an addict as well I got a priest geared with AQ, BWL, MC gear and a 60 hunter as well with some MC gear.

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My roommate tried to convince me to play WoW, but after getting addicted to Ultima Online for awhile, I stayed away from this one. I might try it out once that new expansion comes out. We'll see.

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I was addicted to MMO's all throughout high school and into my first two years of college (or what should have been college). Indeed they are the highest level of escapism I have ever known--and I used them as such. Very addicting, but I think the games lost their efficacy after a while. WoW was the last game I played. I had a prot warrior(Unis)/holy priest(Shonti) duo with my friend on Cenarion Circle. With warrior and priest being the fundamental core of a group, the idea was to raid instance at our convenience. We got to around 58 and then deleted ourselves. I didn't have the confidence to tank epic-level instance anyway. I stopped playing games altogether after we quit. That was it. It seems anything you use to escape always leaves you high and dry after the party is over. D=
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i've just started WoW. PHUQ ME IS THAT GAME ADDICITVE!!!!!!

I'm a future slave, i can see it now
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i just got the game myself, its quite addictive
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Addictive indeed. I started playing a couple months ago, not quite at endgame yet but should be soon.

On a tangent, does anyone get SA while playing? Even behind the relative anonymity of the computer I find it hard for me to group up for instance runs, especially for encounters I haven't seen before. I end up spending hours just reading wowwiki and thottbot to prepare so I don't do anything stupid. My friend (who started playing around the same time as me) on the other hand, just jumps into instances as the tank without knowing anything beforehand. I wish I had that confidence, if I did I'd probably be 60 working on getting some decent gear.

In the end though, all my runs turn out fine and are pretty straightforward, and sometimes I'm actually leading everyone. Eh, I guess the elitist attitudes on general chat and the now global lfg channel along with the fact that most people are leveling alts and have been through everything before scares me off. I can't even imagine getting on vent later on if I do raids.

Anyone else feel this?

Sorry for the long *** tangent. WoW is too addictive.

From playing obscene amounts of street fighter against other people I've learned that taking risks and going on the offensive is important for long-term success. Staying on defense and waiting for guaranteed holes the whole match will cripple you. Balance is key. Yeah, lame sig, I know...
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I'm a horrible horrible slave to medievia. Its a free mmorpg, but with better gameplay in my opinion. It's worth checking out at least.
[/url]http://www.medievia.com/http://<br /> <br /> So yeah, if y...this game out.
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i used to be a wow addict, but i have no friends that will play it (all my gamer friends refuse to spend money on their entertainment) so i was left with people i met in-game, and usually those friendships were frail at best.

but i'll be getting a new video card soon, and i really want to check out the new weather effects and to try the game with full rez and everything turned on ;)

however the idea of jumping into the game again alone is rather daunting. would anyone be interested in joining me with a new char? i would love to see a group of ppl from here (and their friends) set up a little guild somewhere :)

i'll probably start playing late july after i get back from a trip, and after i pick up my new vid card.
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Hey Kermit, I'll join ya. Lemme know when ya wanna start
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That is why I will NEVER purchase that game. Ever so often I am extremely tempted to go out and buy it. I want to play so much, it looks like something I'd have a lot of fun doing. But NEVER.

I read once that to buy WoW is to commit social suicide. I agree, with this game I can see myself having no semblence of a social life very quickly. I get addicted to things very quickly.

People have died playing that game for days straight.
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I'd rather have a social life than play the best game ever made.
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