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Have you actually beat any of the old sonic games?

I beat the one I had on the gamegear. I don't know if it was easier than the other sonic games or if it was because I played the absolute **** out of it aN eventually beat it. I had sonic mega collection on the gamecube. It was basically a bunch of the old sonic games on 1 disc. I didn't beat **** Those games were hard. 123 and spinball and 3d and the mean bean machine. I never beat any of them.

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Haven't even played a sonic game. They never really appealed to me. Mario always looked way more enjoyable.
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You are crazy. Yes Mario is way better, but the sonic games were a lot of fun too. Its kind of a shame that sega backed out of consoles.

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Nah. I never really enjoyed how sonic controls in the early games. When you're moving that fast there's no way you can react in time. So either you move slow which just feels wrong in a sonic game or it becomes trial and error and memorization. Just bad game design I think. The first Sonic game I liked enough to actually beat was Sonic Adventure.
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Sonic on Master System was one of the first games I completed all on my own, without cheats or guides. Strangely I don't remember playing many, if any, other games on that system.
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Played and finished Sonic 2 way too many times. It's a shame that in older Sonic games you get punished for going fast (especially in Sonic 1).

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I've finished all of the original Sonic games multiple times. I used to be able to complete Sonic 2 easily, not even having any difficulty with the final boss. I'm not that skilled anymore, but I'm still fairly decent at classic Sonic, save for the dreaded special stages which I don't bother with bc they're kinda unplayable.

Sonic 3 is incredible. Sonic 2 is amazing. Sonic 1 is pretty good. I've also beaten Sonic Triple Trouble, Sonic 2 GG, nearly Sonic 1 GG, as well as Sonic CD.
@TheSilentGamer I definitely agree with that... Sonic 2 & 3's level design significantly improved on Sonic 1's though, imo. There were not many levels (with the exception of maybe Oil Ocean & Metropolis) that were quite as slow as Marble zone or Labyrinth zone.
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Sonic 1,2,3, and sonic CD. On the actual systems with no savestate.

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I beat the 2nd one once. That was really the only one I had back then... although I eventually had 3 on computer, but I didn't know how to complete it.

When I beat the 2nd one, I didn't even have all the chaos emeralds... not that it mattered, because you can't use them at the end boss that always rekt me.

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Sonic 3 seemed the easiest to me, as you could save, and the final boss was relatively easy. I had the most problems with some of the bosses in Sonic 2 for gamegear. It sure did piss me off when I found that it wasn't possible to go Super Sonic after collecting all the emeralds in 3D blast, that's probably the most negative thing I can remember about the older games. I still listen to a remix about the many fingered boss in Sonic and Knuckles occasionally haha, I loved that game.

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No, I've never finished any of them. The furthest I ever got was past level 1 in sonic one before getting bored and playing vectorman.

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Other than Spinball, the bane of my childhood, they were all pretty easy. They can be done in a night if you've had practice.
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I beat the original Sonic on Sega Genesis. Took a while but wasn't too hard. I've never beat a single Mario game with all the time I spent on them.
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Yes I have. I beat sonic and tails a bunch of times, and sonic 1. Pretty hard but I did it.

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I think I beat whatever Sonic was on Gamegear.

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