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I've been on Viibryd along with Buspar for over a year. On the plus side, I've had no major side effects. At first I was doing better when I switched to it, but "better" is relative to the nightmare called Wellbutrin that came before it. I was feeling in good spirits for several months, though still struggling with anxiety, but more recently I've been falling back into depression again. I'm not sure if my current slump is situational or due to the adjustments in my dosage of Buspar, but I am wondering if the Viibryd isn't really doing much of anything at this point. The doc says I am at the highest dose he can prescribe. Not sure what comes next...
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I have been in denial (and still am, I think) about being depressed and I don't have anxiety - or at least it isn't major at all. But my irritability was starting to become increasingly difficult to control and it also started to affect my relationships at work. So I decided to ask my doctor about what I can do to diffuse this situation. She suggested I go on anti-deps and gave me a month's worth of Brintellix samples. I took only 3 weeks but I did see that something positive was happening. More energy, positive outlook. After about 4 days of not taking any more pills, I hit a major low...enough to have to call in sick at work from being so down. My insurance denied coverage of this drug anyway so continuing the 4th week wouldn't have done any good.

So my doc has now given me 2 months worth of free Viibryd while they try to get this drug approved by my insurance. I've never taken any generics prior to Brintellix. I'm a bit nervous about the side-affects since I didn't experience any with the last drug. But I will start my Viibryd voyage tomorrow. I only have the 10 mg and 20 mg starter packs and my doc wants me to start 10 mg for one week and continue with 20 mg for the remainder of the time (a little over 2 months). I will report back.
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Okay, so here is my experience so far with Viibryd 10mg:

- 1st week, kind of anxious and fidgety. I don't do benzos so Hydroxyzine really saved my butt here.

-2nd week, anxiety gone, LOADS of energy and optimism. I have major depression disorder so this feeling is surreal.

-3rd week, stabilized, still very happy, talkative.

Overall this is the first SSRI medication I have found to manage my depression. It does not, however, help with anxiety for me. I highly recommend this medication for those struggling with MDD, but it does not play nice with anxiety disorders.

Side effects i experienced were mild nausea, nervousness, weight loss (Thank goodness, I'm looking at YOU Neurontin weight -_-). It should also be noted that i take Ambiem 5mg and Prazosin 4mg for sleep, so I may be a bad example if you are wondering how bad the insomnia is with this med.

Overall, I have had an excelleng experience with Viibryd. I will be titrating to 20mg in the coming weeks, too!

Hopefully this helps someone =)
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I've tried over a dozen different antidepressants before, and none of them worked. They made me sick, or emotionally numb, or just did nothing. I started Viibryd a few months ago, and it's been a godsend. I noticed an ease in my depression and anxiety as early as the first 3 weeks on the lowest dose, and since going up gradually to the max dose, it's only improved by a ton. This is huge for me, because I'd almost given up hope on finding a medication that actually worked for me.

I'm very sensitive to meds, so I started off at the 10mg and went up by half a pill every 2-3 weeks. I'm now at 40mg, and I feel great. My anxiety and depression aren't gone, obviously, but this is the best I have felt in years. I was literally housebound for several years because of the crippling social anxiety, and now I'm having an easier time with a combination of Viibryd and therapy in taking small steps to gain my life back.

Surprisingly, I didn't have many side effects. Be aware that if you try this, however, one of the most common is stomach upset/digestive problems. I did have horrible stomach cramping for around 2-3 days each time I raised the dosage - make sure that your psychiatrist weans you onto it very gradually, because I made the mistake of going up too fast on one of the doses, and spent a whole day unable to keep any food down. With much more gradual increases, all I had was stomach cramps for a few days.

The increase to 40mg was the worst (max dose), and I did have some strange side effects from it - I had frequent dizzy spells for a few weeks, which my psychiatrist told me is actually a common complaint with it (though she also said it always goes away after a while), and I had this very awful zapping feeling in my head when falling asleep for a while - I'd feel like an electric pulse shot through my brain as soon as I fell asleep, and I'd wake up hearing what sounded like a gunshot. It was the worst side effect I've had from the Viibryd, but it too went away.

Another note: since this medication is still very new compared to most on the market, it's also incredibly expensive, but I highly recommend trying it out if you're like me and have tried almost every other option with no success.
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Originally Posted by bpadilla View Post
I have been taking Viibryd since mid October 2011 for Anxiety. I started on the 10mg and I am now up to 40mg. There was a foggy feeling as I increased my dosage amount, but at this point I don't notice a thing. It has really helped to just chill and think clearly. I don't have a problem hanging out at parties anymore or talking to my kids teacher. The only downside to this medicine is what happens after a missed dosage. If you miss one day it isn't too bad, but if you miss anymore than that then get ready. I had a weird feeling in my head. It was almost like I was a bit dizzy, but it was intense and localized to the top of my head. It would come in waves for a few minutes and then go away for about an hour and come back. So make sure you get your refills before you run out.

Hi Bpadilla,

I recently took a gene site test and it show Viibryd was the best for me. Anxiety is my main problem....way over depression. I've only been taking it a week, but I feel kind of out of it and nervous all the time. I don;t want to stop of course because it is so soon. Did it continue to help with anxiety? And have you ever drank alcohol on it?
Thank you!
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Okay currently trying to work out with the insurance company if they will cover this!!!!! I hope they do... this is a very expensive medication. If they cover it, I will be giving a review on this in a month or so....
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This is a decent medication. I've been on it for 10 weeks and I'm currently on 30mg (and the highest dose is 40mg). I switched to this medication because of sexual side effects from Paxil. In comparison to Paxil, which made me feel really good, this medication just makes me feel "fine" -- which is still very relieving, compared to no medication at all. The only exception is that I feel horrible until I take the medication, and then it takes a while to kick in. This is a medication you really have to take every 24 hours on the dot, or earlier, in my experience.

I did not have many side effects from this medication, not even the very common nausea and digestive issues. I was surprised, because I was sort of expecting that, but nope. I experience drowsiness midday, but it doesn't last forever. Beware if you have a boring office job, though. It was torment trying to stay awake at times.

There's also no sexual side effects as far as I can tell. In the end, however, I'm just going to go back on Paxil. On this medication, sometimes I still feel very depressed, but I never know when that will be. Overall, not a bad experience with Viibryd, but Paxil was better for me.

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm actually trying 40mg of Viibryd as of 7/13.

40mg (highest Viibryd dose) -- I've been on this dose for 3 weeks now. I'm having very vivid dreams. They are so realistic. It's such a trip. I even hear things in my sleep. It's pretty cool, but I really gotta go back on Paxil. I still need to take this medication 24 hours on the dot or else the depression starts settling in really quickly. And even still, on some days, I never know if I'm going to wake up and feel terrible. It HAS helped me with my depression. I really liked this medication. But now I am also experiencing negative sexual side effects, which is the exact opposite of what I was looking for when I quit taking Paxil. So I might as well go back on Paxil, since they BOTH negatively affect my sex drive, but one just works better with depression and social anxiety than the other. In a few more weeks I'm switching back.

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