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I don't think anyone should be on an anti depressant while pregnant.. for the babies sake.
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I was on paxil for a while, it did help a lot. But coming of it is something else, withdrawal is harsh like anything.

There's a tonne of writeups about why its not a good idea to be on paxil if you're planning on starting a family. Maybe a good idea to speak with your GP before any steps are taken.
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Paxil has been great to me, psychologically wise. If I would miss more than 2 days i would possibly have a melt down if something triggered anxiety. But it really has changed my life, I got a job and wasn't as afraid of driving. I could make phone calls to businesses and answer the door to get the pizza. Still there are things such as going through a drive through and grocery shopping that I haven't been able to do yet.. Or drive on to the more busier roads.. Getting gas is a little stressful too. But other than paxil helping me make my anxiety tolerable, it has made me gain weight, and that is why i am coming off of it.
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I am 25 years old, have been on paxil for 14 months. Paxil and zoloft were the only ssri's I could handle. Zoloft gave me a few side effects I couldn't handle as well as it made me so lazy I slept like 16-18 hours a day and wasn't near as good as paxil for anxiety. I tried a few ssri's, effexor and mirtazapine for my anxiety over the last 6 years. Finally settled on zoloft about 3 years ago took it for about a year then quit it (tapered to 25mg and cold turkeyed it and had NO withdrawal side effects at all..felt better actually!). I fought to keep myself level up until about 14 months ago. I was down in a rut but it was worse then any other one before it. I remember it as a part of my life That changed me for the better. I was pretty much anti-social and just making it day to day with the help of some clonazepam I used off and on throughout the years. It would help me numb myself and zone myself out for a bit when I felt like I was going down fast into a depression. I went to the doctor a while back and tried Paxil. It was on of the ssri's I seen alot of and read alot of stories on it. I knew it had bad withdrawals but feeling like I did I tried it out in hope of something but got that and more. From day 1 it helped my mood significantly as well as my anxiety (in the type of way where It made me feel like everything was ok and everything was going to be fine) which I now know is true and depression can take that "everythings going to be ok" feeling of hope from you slowly overtime and you don't even notice til one day it's gone and you think you lost your mind but you haven't! Paxil (within days) had me thinking positive thoughts and being a more positive person and by doing that I realized how much easier my life was becoming and alot of my stresses were eliminated. 14 months later still on 20 mg I am still noticing improvements in my anxiety and my outlook on life. Meds are meds to most people but some can be different. I know Paxil isn't a "cure" but it was a very unique medication. It didn't numb me or make me aggressive like zoloft did. It didn't make me feel drugged or zoned out of it like the benzodiazepines did. All the meds I've taken for anxiety were like band-aids to the problem. I know paxil is considered one too but for me Paxil was a bit different. After a few weeks of starting paxil it's not that my anxiety was gone because it was still there. But it seemed like as time went on the way I reacted to stress and anxiety was what changed. It allowed me to stay at a comfortable level when I was experiencing Extreme stress and anxiety attacks. I could be comfortable in my own skin when I had anxiety ability to handle anxiety attacks when being out or alone and how I could handle stress got better but not overnight it was gradual and for the most part wasn't the medication changing me it was me now being able to think clearly when I'd have major anxiety attacks or got depressed. I could now handle it enough that it didn't effect my life near as much and I could now see what and why I would have anxiety attacks in the first place as well as see what made me down and caused me to go deep into depressive states. I've learned that certain people are bad for me to be around as well as certain places. It doesn;t just drug you it makes you feel comfortable enough in times of anxiety that you don't run but you try to fight it and it gets easier as time goes on.
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new to paxil

I started paxil 10 mg 3 days ago along with xanax .25. Today I woke up crawling out of mh skin with dilated pupils. I can't eat. How long until I can function? This feels horrible.
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I'm on 40mg Paxil for about 5 weeks and I'm starting to notice improvements.
At first I was very sleepy, slept like 11h a day and was still super tired all day, now the only side efect I have is a slight dizziness in the early morning hours. Probably the withdrawl already kicking in.

And of course the sexual side effects. Which is more a plus for me.
2h mastrubation? Oh yeah!
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Originally Posted by ginanz View Post
that could be a problem for me. I want babies with all their parts and NO anxiety.

You are a success story waiting to happen!
Live and let live VACUUMS more than a Hoover....
Live and HELP live is better!


(troll activity on the increase)

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the withdrawl symptoms make people with severe anxiety disorders crazy, i would rather anything but evil paxil. its the oldest crap out. lets try some new innovations
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Im on paxil for 11 days and I dont really feel any improvments, month ago i was taking prozac for 2 weeks and it helped me with depression and general anxiety but not social. Should I increase dosage from 20mg to 30 per day? or keep taking 20 mg?
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Originally Posted by damumaniac View Post
Im on paxil for 11 days and I dont really feel any improvments, month ago i was taking prozac for 2 weeks and it helped me with depression and general anxiety but not social. Should I increase dosage from 20mg to 30 per day? or keep taking 20 mg?
I would stick with the 20mg. It took me about 2 and a half weeks before I felt anything on Paxil. I was taking 10 mg. after a week of feeling good on 10 mg I started taking 20mg. The first three days I slept pretty much all day and looked horrible. By day 4 I started feeling better and now it's been about 2 weeks and I feel great.

So I'd stay stick with what your on now for another week or so then ask your doctor about taking 20mg
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i took it and it gave me suicidal thoughts so i stopped taking it
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Paxil v Prestique

I was on Paxil for two years, and have now been on Prestique for three. The Paxil got the gun out of my mouth, and I was much better when starting the Prestique. The only difference I have noted is that Prestique is FAR more expensive. With Hep C as a preexisting condition, I have no insurance. I still have a lot of the Paxil left, my Dr. is unavailable for two weeks, and I am thinking about substituting the Paxil. Does anyone have any ideas about this idea?
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Anyone else tried 5mg paxil

I was diagnosed with anxiety two years ago. My psychiatrist prescribed 10mg paxil. I was on the med for a year. This dosage removed most of my anxiety, however, it also seriously affected my memory and cognitive abilities. I assume this is the result of dopamine suppression.

I then reduced the amount to 5mg daily. Surprisingly, this works well. My discomfort is gone and I do not experience disruption in memory or cognition.

I am planning to stay on this dosage for as long as I can. Anyone else has successful experiences with 5mg? Maybe we can share some ideas.

Btw, I am from China. I'm looking to find some relief and support from this board.
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I tried Paxil 3 years ago, I tried it for my GAD and SAD.
I was on it for 3 months and it did nothing except kill my sex drive.
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Originally Posted by staceayarian View Post
I started paxil 10 mg 3 days ago along with xanax .25. Today I woke up crawling out of mh skin with dilated pupils. I can't eat. How long until I can function? This feels horrible.

Hi, my doc started me out on Paxil 10mg. 2 weeks ago and I broke them in half for 11 days then started the full 10 mgs.three days ago. The reason why I did this was to gradually get used to the the first two days on the full 10mgs. I felt out of it,wired or something and loss of appetite, but now on day three I'm feeling a lot better.
Hang in there and wishing you well!
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Paxil massively slowed my metabolism, causing me to gain a lot of weight fast. It also killed my libido. Other than that, I can't remember much about it. It did help with depression a little, but did zero for my anxiety.
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Paxil actually ruined my life so to say, it also triggered my avoidant personality disorder. I took it for 3-4 years and my memory from that many years are completely black. Feels like a huge chunk of my life disappeared. I felt like a zombie, i always slept, got fat, dirty etc
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Thumbs down

Didn't Help at all

Social Anxiety Background
I Learned I had Social anxiety probably around the age of 13 where it really got bad. Before then, I don't ever "Remember" Being Nervous in social situations. Anyways, From 7th grade-12th Grade, I had no Idea I had "Social anxiety". I knew there was something DEF wrong with me, But I did not know what. I just Knew at School that I always Felt like people were watching me and judging me on how I walked, talked, etc. The Classroom was the worst. Especially when your assigned seat was in the front or the middle, cause then everyone Saw you. I just remember always being so nervous in social settings and not understanding why. At age 16, they diganosed me with depression and put me on What I dont even remember. Somewhere around the age of 17/18, I came across a website about Social anxiety and symptoms and Was just shocked to learn that I have like all of the symptoms. I was just like Wow. Wow. And Looked into treatments ever since.

Treatment Experience
I started Paxil in July of 2013. I was on it for a few days back in November of 2012, But that's not even worth mentioning. Anyways, I was on for about a whole month. The whole month of july. Also, My first day taking it(10 mgs), Was the first day of my new job. So, the first 2 weeks, I felt really Um. Stoned. High. Relaxed. I laughed at pretty much anything and felt amazing. No anxiety at all. Although I liked the "stoned" feeling, I did not wanna always feel that way. I don't wanna feel high, I wanna feel no anxiety. The Stoned feeling eventually went away after about a week or 2 and The anxiety quickly returned, So I upped my dose to 20 mgs. The stoned feeling comes back for another week. Maybe not even. Then Vanishes, with another comeback appearance of my anxiety. So I decided last week to ease myself off of the Paxil. And have been completely off with little to no withdrawl symptoms for a few days now.

Some of the Negatives of Paxil, As a 19 year old Male, was DEF the sexual side effects. I could get an erection just fine. Keeping it was the problem. And Having an Orgasm was nearly impossible. It was doable, It just took a lot of work, which was annoying. I started taking Buspar along with the Paxil to counteract the side effects, which it did a little bit, but not really. For me, It seems the buspar did everything opposite the Paxil did.
Paxil: Made me not want sex
Buspar: Made me want sex
Paxil: Made me not hungry
Buspar: made me hungry
Paxil: Made me tired
Buspar: Insomnia
Etc. etc.

So Would I reccomend Paxil? Maybe . Everyone's body is different. But, as a guy speaking, I'll never Be on SSRI's again, because of the sexual side effects. I'd rather live with anxiety then to not have sex. Also, I've heard the Sexual effects can LAST AFTER YOU GET OFF THEM FOR YEARS. Yeah, not worth it to me.
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I'm a 28 year old male who has been suffering from SA since my school days. I have only this last couple of weeks discovered this was a medical condition!

Anyway I have been prescribed Paxil (Paroxetine) and doing some research on the drug has scared me witless!

I have been on it for a week and am experiencing some of the same side effects others have spoke about.

However I wan't to know...

Has anybody experienced or know of anyone who has suffered infertility from taking this drug?

I have read a few articles on it but seems it may only effect younger males or be more probabilistic if taking a higher dose (I've started on 20mg).

Infertillity, or a high chance of becoming infertile (i'd consider 10-15% high) then I'd come off them straight away as having children is extremely important to me... even if I finding it near impossible finding a girlfriend!

P.S. Sorry if a thread to this subject has already been posted here or somewhere else but a) this is my first ever forum post and b) I have little time to scroll through thousands of post. So if someone could be kind enough to answer this or send me a link I'd be most grateful.
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