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Thumbs down

I can see why this is prescribed for OCD. You're too stoned to obsess about anything or act out a compulsion.

I took this for depression & let me say that this is NOT an antidepressant. SMH. I'm usually sensitive to meds & only have to take 1/2 the recommended dosage for an effect. This medicine was horrible. Not only was it equivalent to taking a sugar pill but when I went up to 100mg thinking it would ease the crying & suffering, I got the feeling that I was stoned (flat effect, apathetic, didn't want to leave the house or get off the couch.)

DX: Social Anxiety, Atypical Depression, Chronic Pain.

Currently taking: Desisipramine, Klonopin & Migraine meds.
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This stuff has me non stop farting....haha
Gives cool dreams but wish they were more lucid
Doesn't mix well with alcohol for me
Will bump it to 150 and give it another 4 weeks

Crunchy niplz
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For the first few weeks I had a lot of shaking. My appetite was almost non existent. I lost 10 pounds and then I started having nightmares and my dreams would become more realistic and confuse me. However, I think it helped my Social anxiety a little bit. I also take it for OCD, which it has also helped control a bit. I'm up to 200 mg a day. I guess it's doing it's part and the rest is supposed to be controlled by therapy.

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Social Anxiety Background
Severe SAD from age 16 but it goes further back

Other Treatments
Almost all SSRI's, various antipsychotics, ECT, mood stabilisers and various benzo's.

Treatment Experience
This is the first antidepressant aside from fluoxetine that I didn't get any side effects from. It seems to be working quite well, I am up to 300mg currently and my anxiety has noticably reduced in comparison to before taking it.
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Luvox did more harm than good for me. It didn't better or worsen anything. I took it for my OCD over social anxiety. Side effects, occasional nausea especially when I first started it, and being tired all the time. And I mean ALL THE TIME. I fell asleep in my college classes, I missed class constantly due to sleeping. I flunked a whole semester while on this drug. It didn't make me feel any better or worse. I wouldn't recommend it at all.
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Extreme Fatigue

Even though this thread is about five years old, I wanted to share my experience with fluvoxamine (generic Luvox) with the hope that it will help someone. Fluvoxamine has really helped eliminate intrusive thoughts--almost too well. It has gotten to the point that I sleep at least 12 hours a day if I don't use an alarm. When I got my blood checked about a year or two after starting to take fluvoxamine, it turned out I had low thyroid.

I guess hypothyroidism is a potential side effect of fluvoxamine in a very small amount of people, and there was a study trying to determine whether this was a possibility. Unfortunately, taking levothyroxine for the hypothyroidism hasn't seemed to help. Tapering off fluvoxamine (from 200 mg to 100 mg) hasn't helped either. The drowsiness affected my previous job. I simply could not stay awake at work and ended up having to quit my job and to move home to my parents'.

I also have a very difficult time falling asleep. When I am asleep, I have vivid dreams. I didn't used to dream at all.

I agree with another poster that being on fluvoxamine is like being constantly stoned in the sense that I typically feel little motivation to do anything (not that I've been stoned--this is what I imagine it's like based on what I've heard). I used to write a lot, and I feel no motivation to do that. I felt no motivation to feed myself. Sleeping was about the only thing I could do. The lack of motivation has subsided somewhat as I've decreased my dosage.

My appetite has also been very screwy. Sometimes I have nausea. Sometimes I am appetite-less.

It feels really good not to deal with intrusive thoughts, but the effect isn't as strong on a lower dose, and I would like to go off the medication altogether because of the lethargy and fatigue. Living life--having a job, sleeping a normal amount of time, and having a healthy appetite--has been impossible on fluvoxamine. It was good enough to use it for a time and see what "normal" is like. I think I'll have to find an alternative solution.

I would strongly recommend tapering your dose by about 25 mg at a time. I experienced extreme brain buzz (electric shock-like sensations in the head) while tapering my dose by 50 mg. The buzz lasted for about 3 or 4 days. I'm hoping I'm not one of the unlucky ones who has permanent problems when I go off fluvoxamine.
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I was finally able to try this one.

My conclusion is that fluvoxamine is not an effective drug for serious mental problems. It works in terms of calming me down and making me feel better, but it crashes due to the short half-life. That is a serious problem. It's difficult to live an ordinary life when my behavior depends on when I last took my medication. I hate feeling like I'm being held hostage by a drug.

I'm going back to fluoxetine (prozac). Fluoxetine calms me down just as much, but it doesn't crash in the middle of the day.

I am not a doctor. I'm a person who likes drugs.
Everything I say assumes results are more important than safety. If you want safety with no results, ask a doctor.
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I have just started treatment on this two days ago. I have tried basically every other SSRI and lexapro was the most beneficial except it was messing with my libido, like every other SSRI..

I'm on medication primarily for OCD but also for SAD, MDD, GAD... I am currently on 100 mg fluvoxamine and will update in two weeks if I notice any difference!
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Originally Posted by cigpk View Post
I have just started treatment on this two days ago. I have tried basically every other SSRI and lexapro was the most beneficial except it was messing with my libido, like every other SSRI..

I'm on medication primarily for OCD but also for SAD, MDD, GAD... I am currently on 100 mg fluvoxamine and will update in two weeks if I notice any difference!
Developed genital anesthesia immediately. Worse than it was on zoloft (and that was pretty bad)... probably going back to Lex since things were still manageable rather than complete dysfunction. I can wait out some general sexual side effects but total numbness worries me a little more than some decreased libido.

edit: advised to discontinue. back to lex.
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Luvox (faverin) was very effective for me, I never felt so confident in my life.
Highly recommend!!
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