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Started this again (10mg), been over 2 months (9 weeks) now and feeling a bit better. I think it helped stopping and starting this before starting again. I didn't have many of the side effects when re-starting and they wore off quicker.

9 weeks later and I have no bad side effects at all really and my anxiety is much reduced. Still get panicky in certain situations but along with CBT it's becoming easier to manage. I'd say there's a 50% improvement from 9 weeks ago.

Not perfect but noticeably better. I'm wondering whether I might go up to 20mg soon, but worried about if side effects will kick in again, will have to speak to my doc about this.

Edit: Noticed something strange yesterday, saw someone in the supermarket who I knew, was with someone else and we stopped for a conversation and I found myself actually smiling - and it just came naturally out of nowhere, like I was genuinely pleased to see them which I was... .
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been on 10mg for a year. helps depression and anxiety but if i have a big event that coming up i still have a panic attack... but for the generalized anxiety i was experiencing daily it helps. weight gain is horrible.. 10-15 lbs. therapist swears that lexapro doesnt cause weight gain but thats the only thing it can be linked to.
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I have been taking lexapro for two months now and the first week I felt so amazing and was taking it at night. I didn't sleep that much but I felt so awake. I asked my nurse and she said to take it in the morning since I wasn't sleeping. I know that a lot of it was getting new medication in my system so I was acting differently. About a week or two ago I noticed it really wasn't working as well on only 10mg so she upped it to 20mg. But I would like some opinions on when to take it. I fee so tired during the day. I've taken it in the morning and at night and I just can't tell which is best. I know everyone reacts to meds differently. Part of my problem other than depression and anxiety is having low energy. Does anyone have any opinions that might help me?
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Started with 10 mg not long ago and have to say this med is amazing. I was told by the doctor that it'd take about 4 weeks for the effects to appear. However, I felt a "switch" in my head after about 2-3 hours after taking the pill on an empty stomach. Perhaps 10 mg was too strong of an initial dose, so now I'm taking 5 mg upon awakening and 5 mg after ~6 hours, it really does work. Feeling more motivated to talk to people, more interested in what they have to say (as opposed to worrying about my own awkwardness), it also made me feel happy overall (sometimes I smile for no reason lol). As for the negatives, no sex drive, felt nausea, heightened body temperature, some blurred vision and couldn't sleep well on the first day. Seems to have gotten better, only blurred vision and no sex drive remaining (orgasms are really intense though, is it ok to say?? :P ). Most probably my body isn't reacting in a typical way and it hasn't been that long to make any definitive conclusions. But for those out there reading this forum, it's amazing that there are medications actually capable of increasing your sociability/confidence. So don't lose hope!!
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I had a terrible reaction to Lexapro. I also had a terrible reaction to Latuda and Nardil I think it was called. However, this doesn't mean it would not be effective with the next person. I was on Celexa for over 10 years, but not in the last 5 years or so. Celexa I had no problem with at all, but looking back, hard to tell if it had any real effect on me at all positive or negative. Celexa was HELL tapering off when I had to get off it. It took me over a year to taper off incredibly slowly, which shows how addictive it can be. There are people who simply cannot get off Celexa for life. Or other medications. It is either they are not tapering down slowly enough or they just don't have the willpower. People who taper down too fast often end up taking way higher to counteract it. If you are OK staying on any of these for life, then maybe that is a decision you can make. I am now on a very low dose of Zyprexa 3MG and nothing else.
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I've been taking CBD oil for a while and I've found that it helps immensely with my Anxiety. I got licensed for it through a group called Plants Not Pills. Worth checking out... http://bit.ly/2mraTvP
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Lexapro gave me the worst numb and apathetic feeling of all the SSRIs. I just felt like I couldn't connect to anyone or anything at all, and it made me very lethargic. I actually feel this made me more depressed. I just didn't want to do anything. Definitely not helpful for me.
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Today is day 3 of this medication and I feel cheery, haven't yelled at my kids nor have I gotten stressed out, at all. Seems to be working for me already. We'll see what down the road brings.
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I've been on 20mg lexapro for over a year now and have experienced significant weight gain and low energy levels (this may be caused by something else idk). I have been having trouble waking up for class in the morning so am gradually lowering my dosage. I don't really notice any withdrawal symptoms yet, but am worried. At this point I'm not even sure how much Lexapro is helping my social anxiety, and I am in between psychiatrists (appointment with new one in December). Don't know why I'm posting this really I guess I just don't have anyone else to share my concerns with.
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Originally Posted by BeInTheHereAndNow View Post
Stick with it, I had this for a couple of weeks then it wore off. I've been on it 2 months now and feeling better and I don't have any sexual problems any more.
Really?! This would be the perfect medicine for me if it didn't cause sexual problems for me. The only consolation for me is that I feel like maybe I'm just not ready for a relationship atm, but at the same time i feel like i am so it depresses me to not be able to... well you know.

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I've been on Wellbutrin SR 100mg twice a day and gabapentin (worked my way up to 800mg 3 times a day) for the past year. A few months ago I was prescribed lorazepam 0.5mg once a day as needed which worked well in the beginning but now it just makes me sleepy or doesn't do much at all and even if I take it at 8am when I got to sleep at 10pm I sleep waaayy too hard. I'm no stranger to benzos, I'd prefer Xanax because it works better for me but I feel like I was lucky to even get the Ativan so I'm kind of scared to even ask my dr for a change on benzos. Especially since I go to my county behavioral health department because I'm uninsured and my dr said his bosses don't really like for them to prescribe them. Ooookay, now after a little background on my meds time to get to my issue with Lexapro. I had high hopes for it, I was really depressed and the Wellbutrin helped along with removing myself from a really bad situation. I've had the time to analyze how my anxiety is most likely the cause, or contributor, to my major depression because I have had anxiety all my life, clinical depression only became an issue within the past 4-5 years. I'm 24. Anyway, I asked for the Lexapro because my anxiety was higher than normal so my dr gave me the choice of 5mg or 10mg twice a day. I chose the 5mg because I get nervous about starting new meds cause I hate to get my brain chemistry out of wack when its even partially stable. I noticed just barely the first two days I took it that I was clenching my jaw subconsciously throughout the day and while I was sleeping. I felt ok for the first two days, but then I noticed my anxiety was even worse than it had become before I started taking the Lexapro. I was starting to become panic-y and couldn't control myself I was so tense and felt like crying. By day 5 I was in tear and looking back I can't even describe how I was feeling, all I know is I was miserable and I hadn't felt that type of anxiety since I was 14 and going through tramatic events. I talked to my mom who advised me to stop taking it because it was the weekend and I couldn't get in touch with my dr or the nurse. I stopped taking it Saturday technically and my anxiety improved slightly by Monday but I still had so much anxiety I still wouldn't call my dr.s nurse to tell them about my symptoms. My question is...what does this indicate about my brain chemistry? My Wellbutrin has started to numb me more than usual, and I'm not depressed, it gives me energy, but when I'm happy, I still feel like I'm missing something, like actually feeling feelings if that makes sense lol. I'm wanting to find something else to take that will help with anxiety and motivation/concentration and focus. My dr isn't a whole lot of help, although I'm greatful for him because he listens to my suggestions and will prescribe things I ask for that I say I think might help. Like I said I don't have insurance and pay out of pocket for my meds so its not easy for me to just pay for anything. If I had insurance Id definitely get lyrica because my gabapentin is the only consistent med I take that works for me, but my dr wont up it because he has capped out at the dose for psychiatric use. Lyrica is SOOOO expensive though. What do?? Ok...im rabbling now...
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This medicene has given me hell in the sleep department. I’m barely sleeping an hour and that hour usually comes in the morning. Then suddenly at times my mind will become make active when mins previous I was so tired I couldn’t function. This medicene is insane

No idea how long I can cope...I’m having visual spots and memory loss and my head hurts so bad..

Also, I feel I’ve gained weight and my weight loss has slowed. I haven’t checked my weight yet but not feeling any progress

Notice also my heart is pounding fast at night time with this medicene..especially when I turn over or sit up
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I have also had tachycardia episodes on Lexapro.

QT interval effects are a known side effect of Citalopram and Escitalopram (Lexapro). Heart attacks have been associated with high dosages. But the risk is quite low (supposedly). I use this for motivation to exercise more, which lowers the risk of heart problems in general.

Has anyone else had rapid heart beat on Lexapro?
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I started taking it in the mornings now Iím getting wild dreams, drowsiness and sort of epileptic type episodes when Iím sleeping...canít win...
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I've officially been off of Lexapro (was on 15mg for just over a year) for 3 months now. I just now am able to sleep well, after experiencing bouts of insomnia from withdrawal (I tapered off for 3 weeks).

My social anxiety is definitely creeping back into my life. However, I couldn't take the level of apathy and lack of creativity I was experiencing (especially detrimental being an artist/ musician). Though I felt that I was able to relax more and "let things slide", there was a tangible disconnect to life and those in my life, I became so disinterested with everything. The weight gain was also terrible (gained 30-40lbs), I am slowly shedding this off with diligent diet restrictions/ exercise and starting to get energy stores back. Also I feel that my memory is sharper.

I want to express the importance of being proactive in other aspects of life and making a daily effort to push yourself socially while being on Lexapro, it is too easy to start feeling at ease and "enjoying the ride"- while letting opportunities and responsibilities pass you by.

It may work for others though- I definitely should have not been drinking as much as I was, as I felt this messed with the effectiveness (few beers every other night due to being in the college lifestyle), just wanted to add my experience to the list. Cheers!
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Looking for some support or guidance which I know a forum might or might not be the place. I’ve been dealing with panic attacks and intrusive thoughts for about a year. I’ve tried everything natural, CBT and finally broke down to try medication.

I first started with 25mg of Zoloft but had horrible GI problems so they switched me to 5mg of Lexapro. Only been on it for a little past a week.

The intrusive thoughts have gotten worse but I have times that I feel great. Is this something that is normal and should I stick it out? The intrusive thoughts are the worst and really brings me down which makes me think I’m going crazy.
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^^ Yeah, stick it out. You haven't been taking it long enough yet to judge if it will work. Try to give it four to six weeks, if you can.
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