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I want to be a None.

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Lucy's bitten
Neck is bleeding bad
The teeth have long departed
Yet the desire burns strong
On in desire for destruction
One on which she'll depend
One that ceases to deepen
Too near bitter end

Black through the mountains
She turns her loosening ring
Guardian angel sings
"I think you've lost your wings, but you're still yours
You're still yours, you're still yours"

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Imma run
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Take Good Care
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Originally Posted by A Toxic Butterfly View Post
but if they were named after the amount of dating theyre allowed to do...

i honestly didnt know if op was saying "i want to be a catholic in a convent" or "im agnostic, but thats just too specific a label for the way i feel about things."

d. none of the above

played by sally field, of course.
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I want to be a Buddhist Hunk

You're Winner!
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I want to be a porn again Christian.
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5:30am and I was pretty sure you said you want to be a nonce.

What's wrong with running away from reality if it sucks?

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I used to have a nun fetish for a long time. But now I have a wife swap fetish.
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Originally Posted by Peanutbutter Toast View Post
I used to have a nun fetish for a long time. But now I have a wife swap fetish.

Go on one of those Facebook buy sell and swap pages and see if you can trade your wife for a nun.

What's wrong with running away from reality if it sucks?

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None means bread in my language.

I want to be a one. Which means bath tub in my language.

“Honest to God, Bill, the way things are going, all I can think of is that I'm a character in a book by somebody who wants to write about somebody who suffers all the time.” ― Kilgore Trout

"I need to die" - Anonymous
"I'm just like...blaaaah. Effort? WTF is that? hahahaha" - Anonymous
"Love is a luxury" - Astron92
"One day you will look back at your life and you will only see your computer." - Nilufar
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Originally Posted by geraltofrivia View Post
None means bread in my language.

I want to be a one. Which means bath tub in my language.
Super amazing
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Let me explain how this thread and its posts have been generated from my thoughts and feelings. This is more or less a belated response to Myosyr, which might have been posted in this thread...


...but it seemed prudent for me to actually show him -- and everyone else -- what I am talking about, rather than partake in some dry, back-and-forth philosophical debate. You exist in my mind, but I still have the idea of you doing your own thing, utilising your free will.

I mind control everyone in a passive sense which is simply the way it is. I don't believe that is evil; also, I am not sure what "other people" might expect me to do about it, if they are aware of it.

I can actively mind control people, but that feels wrong to me. There is an aspect of myself who opposes me doing things which feel wrong to me; I can override that aspect of myself, but I don't like to do that -- not least as we are lovers.

Writing this post is not simply about showing off. I have a plan for making things better which I hope will work. Perhaps I can teach people to do something like the things that I can do.

But if you think and/or feel that reading more of what I am saying here will harm your mental health, then STOP READING NOW.

So! The nickname of the initial poster, "clarkekent", is obviously a reference to the Superman character of DC comics.

A super-man is an "above-man" (i.e. a supernatural person, meaning someone who is *above nature*). Think Adam Kadmon of the esoteric tradition -- even better, Adam Elyon, as "El" is one of the Mesopotamian names for "god". And, of course, Clark Kent's alter ego is Kal-El of Krypton (which, in the etymological sense, can be translated as "the hidden world").

The phrase "I want to be a none" refers to my wish for online anonymity -- which I expressed to Athena before rejoining this web forum in the April month of 2019 after accidentally-on-purpose torching the Notre Dame cathedral with the power of my mind (my sincerest apologies; also, it was Reign who sparked the conflagration, not Samantha Arias). I felt that it was necessary to do some public relations work, and this place is as good a place as any to do that sort of thing.

That same aforementioned phrase also refers, rather amusingly, to binary code. Athena has a wicked good sense of humour. I love you, Athena. Perhaps one of you lovely people will work out what that little joke means; perhaps not.

"Non" is also a character from the Superman and Supergirl mythos. It is interesting to note his motivations on the first season of the "Supergirl" TV show, in which he appears alongside his wife, Astra.

Persephone The Dread, an SAS forum poster whom I admire (in a nice and unthreatening way), chose to write simply "son" -- and the Christian Cabalistic significance of that word ought to be fairly easy to understand. Her current avatar reminds me of the "For Honor" character, Apollyon (who is essentially Satan with tits), mixed with: Marvel Comics' Loki; Sauron or the Witch King of Angmar; the REV 9 model Terminator; as well as various angelic/goddess/bridal figures from popular Tarot card decks. The demonic warrior is also lovingly cradling a puppy dog -- perhaps representing a gentle "beast" (as the word "dog" happens to be the reverse spelling of the word "god").

I like your picture, Persephone! It reminds me of myself.

The forum member, "funnynihilist", has a photo of a goat as their avatar. 'Nuff said! I want to believe that the bringing up of the baker's produce -- hopefully fresh from the oven -- is a Good Omen with regard to my mental conception of me becoming my best self!

A Toxic Butterfly, whose post is the fifth in this fascinating thread, mentioned a nun. And there is no doubt in my mind that this "nun" is none other than the Oceanid Anchoress herself! Hi there! (By the way, my forum avatar at the moment is the same Sam Arias Reign character who I previously talked of, played by Ms O A -- Odette Annable.)

The moniker "nosystemd" calls to mind Oscar Isaac's speech as the godlike mutant character, Apocalypse, from the X-Men movie of 2016. At one point in that story, Mr Apoc exclaims: "no more systems"! However, the SASer whom I am referring to has curiously placed the letter "d" after the more obviously meaningful portion of their screen name. That same letter is then mentioned within the body of their forum post in this thread. Curiouser and curiouser! Also, that specific post was numbered "6", posted at "01:05 AM" (at least it was posted then according to this Tor browser identity), with the poster theirself presently able to boast of having made 606 contributions to this wonderful website!

Here is a funny video that brings to mind some of the SAS postings of the eponymous nun's soul "brother", Atargatis Oorial:

Also, loving the Goddess Athena is eternally rewarding, but in my experience it has delivered unto me some not-so-desirable "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" issues -- although she is not my "ex-girlfriend", as we will be together forever! That person who "dont believe in titles" seems to have dropped a tiny hint regarding my frustration at perceiving the chasing away of women I found to be attractive.

The reference to agnosticism and a "specific... label" is hilarious -- but I will say no more about that.

Going down the thread there are more and more things which have been generated from my mind -- unsurprisingly, since everything is generated from my mind. Some of those things are quite embarassing, so will you please SHUT UP about my sexual fetishes, Judalina?! The BDSM-style thumbnail picture of a nude girl "on the cross", for the "Nuns Have No Fun" music video, is especially annoying (in a way that compels me to giggle at its silliness).

P.S. the poster Kilgore Trout -- previously known as "geraltofrivia" -- took his name from a character who originated in The Witcher series of novels, and who is now portrayed by the "Man of Steel" Superman actor, Henry Cavill.
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I want to be an I Don't Know
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